Meet Lou.

Hello! I’m Lou. I’m just a regular dude who loves travel, fitness, hiking and taking on crazy adventures.

But my life hasn’t always been so free and adventurous. No, I once owned a successful personal training business and spent my life coaching and helping people with their weight loss and fitness. I know what you’re thinking, what happened? How did I go from being a successful young business owner with his head screwed on to someone who now doesn’t have a job, nor a plan.

Easy. I got the taste for something better. Something bigger. I was comfortable and in a routine. Something I wasn’t happy with. You see, I didn’t want to be that person who says “I wish” or “I should have” done those things when I had the chance. Instead I created my chance. I sold my business to spend the next 12 – 18 months chasing adventure and exploring much of this vast world as I possibly can. Doing all the things now, before one day it’s too late.

Part of the plan that’s not a plan.

May 2019 to August 2019: Touring Europe in my motorhome called Doris.

August 2019 to November 2019: Cycling from New York City to Seattle.

November 2019 – May 2020: South Africa/Indonesia and a South East Asia trip.

May 2020 – Death: Figure out how to make money, complete an Iron Man, Hike the PCT, Cycle through Africa, walk the length of New Zealand, own a 24HR Guinness world record, then figure out how to make more money, rinse and repeat.

So where does Explore Stronger fit into all of this? I guess you could say it was the best name I could think of that describes the adventures and travels of a hairy, bearded 25 year old that partakes in the occasional workout and drinks the odd protein shake. Doesn’t sound as good does it?

Explore Stronger is the combination of my travels and my fitness to help inspire you to explore more, travel more, see more, do more and be more. Whether that be travelling differently, by boots or bike, or just getting out there and saying yes to bigger and more awesome adventures. This is Explore Stronger.

Big Facts

  • Welsh but speak English (shameful, I know)
  • Doggos over Humans
  • Keen interest in Viking History
  • Competed as a Natural Powerlifter/Bodybuilder
  • 10 x Tough Mudder
  • Owned a fitness business for 5 years
  • Would like to live in The Shire
  • Always land Tilted Towers

Have I forgotten anything?

I don’t really know what else belongs in here and I’m sure I’ll look back in 6 months and be like, “really, you wrote that about yourself?” but I think for now that sums up me and what Explore Stronger is all about.

But, if you think I’ve missed something or you just want to know me about me (borrrrring) then I’m happy to oblige to either. Either way, thank you for reading, I appreciate you being here and listening to my waffling. Maybe I should add that to facts about Lou, waffles, mmm.

Explore Strong,

Lou x

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