Hi. I’m Lou. This is Explore Stronger.

Just a 20-something-year-old Welsh dude with a passion for adventure and a never-ending lust for travel.

This is Explore Stronger.

Chasing waterfalls in Northern Thailand

Explore Stronger has been an idea, partly incepted, since 2018.

I was sitting on a beach in Bali (HAAAAAAA). But no seriously. I was.

At the time I was the owner of a Personal Training Facility, and at the ripe old age of 25, I was doing pretty well for myself.

But during that Bintang on the beach, something changed.

Fast forward 6 months and I had sold it all to travel the world.

Yep. Sold my gym. Sold all my possessions. Bought a flight to NZ and spent a month touring the incredible country that New Zealand is, in a small van.

This is when I realised that;

1/ I really enjoyed writing.

2/ I really loved not being at home (Wales)

What happened between 2019 and now?

I wrote a little bit about my travels whilst in Europe in my van in 2019. It was good to keep a diary of my travels and what I was getting up to whilst away but always knew this wasn’t the answer to a travel blog.

In August 2019 I set off to cycle across America, in which writing was difficult and a backlog soon happened.

This meant the writer’s block and the wall were difficult to overcome and things were stagnant for a little while.

Before COVID happened I managed to squeeze in a 10-week trip to South Africa, but alas the virus struck, and was sent home where I’d spend the next 2 years of ‘my life’.

Exploring the lesser known Wales

All was going well and life was somewhat normal.

Which for someone like me is a terrifying experience.

With that said, a small trip to Maderia in October 2021 sparked the travel bug in me again, but my actions didn’t align with that.

I signed a lease on a house and made myself location dependant, again.

But with the never ending lust for adventure and itchy feet for travel, even I was surprised it lasted nearly 8 months!

A spontaneous trip to Croatia and to Bosnia ignited the passion and love for all things not at home and that was it.

Decision made.

I came home and sold everything again.

This was my ‘Last ditch effort at travelling and seeing if I can settle somewhere else other than home before I am 30.’

Getting lost in abandoned mansions

Getting it all started, again…

First stop, Las Vegas baby.

If you’re going to sell everything you own, pack your life into two backpacks and book a flight anywhere. Where would it be?!


Hahaha to be fair, it was with a friend for his parents wedding and I’d been designated photographer, on one condition…

…a two week road trip through Oregon, Wyoming, Utah and California.

Back home from a month in the USA and back into my own van for when the solo adVANtures really begin.

In my own van I managed to do my first via Ferrata in Switzerland, hike beautiful lakes in Austria, nearly get killed by lightening in Latvia, get interrogated by Finnish Police women, see wild bears near the Russian Border, watch the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle and spend more time in my second love in the world, Norway.

(My first, and only love, is my little Niece, Dottie-Mae)

The Kyptonite to Uncle Lou’s black heart…

The Asian Adventures Begin…

Finally getting to explore the continent that has so much to offer, Asia.

The first stop on the list was to visit, and trek, in Nepal.

On the list was the Three Passes Trek, taking in the three high passes in Kongma La, Cho La, and Renjo La Pass.

Whilst also hitting Gokyo Lakes, Ama Dablam Basecamp, and Kala Pattar.

A journey and experience that would absolutely change everything for me moving forward, and the allure Nepal offers is one I cannot resist.

From spending Christmas at the famed Gokyo Lakes whilst it being -25 degrees, nearly losing my fingers on the Renjo La Pass due to frostbite, sitting watching the sunset on Everest at 5550m high, and nearly getting killed in a crush on NYE in Kathmandu.

Nepal has it all. I’ll be back.

Then it was to SE Asia and where the real backpacking adventure begins…

The incredible Gokyo lake

Big plans for 2023

Having had amazing adventures for the previous 6 months, it was really starting to grate on me that I hadn’t done more with the experiences, information and insights I’ve got to share.

This is where things change.

2023, the year where I become a Travel Blogger.

I don’t really like that phrase, but there’s no real way to put it.

Adventure photography is my biggest passion (behind fitness) and turning this blog into a hub for my experiences, adventures and for my photography just makes so much sense.

That brings us fully up to speed, it’ll be good to update this at the end of the year and to see how the year panned out.

But trust me, this is going to be super fun and I’m excited to put some time and effort into this and seeing where it can lead.

Some scale in the Peak District

What’s Explore Stronger?

Explore Stronger is the combination of my travels and my fitness to help inspire you to explore more, travel more, see more, do more, and be more. Whether that be traveling differently, by boots or by bike, or just getting out there and saying yes to bigger and more awesome adventures.

It’s my aim to bring you the best hikes, waterfalls, hidden gems, thru-hikes, and off-the-beaten-path spots all built for one brilliant adventure.

Whether that be hiking guides, travel guides, itineraries, or packing lists. If you’re off for an adventure, here you’ll either find the how-to or the inspiration for your next trip.

This is Explore Stronger.

Exploring jungles and swimming in pools

Thank you for joining me on this journey and on this adventure we call life.

If at any stage you want to ask anything, you’re unsure about a certain guide or trip, don’t hesistate to reach out and ask.

Always happy to help.

Until then, Explore Strong.


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