The Medieval City of Nuremberg

Day 11: Wurth to Schwandorf, somewhere close to the Czech border.

After the rain had cooped us up for the best part of yesterday. We wanted to try and get out on the bikes today and make the most of the morning sunshine before the forecasted rain at midday. Thankfully we both slept well and got up early. Had our coffees, showered and were changed and ready for the bikes by around 9AM.

The reviews from the camping location for the night had said that Nuremberg was a 10 mile cycle in and all of it was a cycle path. What did I do? Followed my nose, not my vegvisir. Usually my sense of direction is phenomenal. I wish I could say that without sounding like a dick, but it really is. Somehow we’d followed the wrong river and ended up about 6KM out and ready to throw in the towel.

Rain looked like it was about to come in early and we were at least 10KM away from the city centre, then further away from Doris. We persisted, got back onto some streets aided by Google Maps and were on our way into the centre of Nuremberg.

Nuremberg is a medieval city in northern Barvaria, Germany. It’s impressive medieval buildings, castle, church and war memorial sites make it an interesting city to visit. However, on bikes we found it a little more difficult with the incoming rain. That said we had an awesome couple of hours in this beautiful city. The castle, market square, St Lorenz church and the beautiful quaint buildings were all impressive to see.

When the rain started the fall, whilst we were on top of the castle, we decided to head back to Doris. Worried what we’d look like after 10 miles in the pouring rain, again. However, and strangely, the rain started and then stopped. Just in time for us to have one final look at the old town and then back on our bikes.

This time we’d follow the right river back towards Doris. The cycle paths here in Germany are great. Not as good as Holland might I add, but great. They’re in use a lot, with people cycling, walking, running. There seems to be a lot more activity here than the UK. Which is probably where there is nearly a 10% difference in the rates of obesity than the UK (54% here versus. 63.4% in the UK).

With that said it just goes to show how important it is to move a little each day. It doesn’t matter if you’re running marathons, breaking PBs, or eating broccoli with every meal. What will matter more is how much you’re moving each day. That’s more likely to help you control your weight than anything else (If you’re currently inactive).

We got back to the van after approx. 30KM cycled and just as we were loading them onto the bike rack, it started to rain. Once they were tightened and strapped in, it poured down. And it did so for a couple more hours after that.

Todays drive was East and towards the Czech Republic. After a quit stop to empty the toilet we were at our camp spot for the evening. A lovely little spot, at the end of a housing estate but by a lovely river. The town here, Schwandorf, is beautiful. Very vibrant and bright and seems to be lots of activity here in regards to buildings and businesses. None the less, it’s lovely.


If you didn’t know, we rarely drink. In fact, apart from the odd cider, it’s been a while since I’ve been drunk. That said, we agreed that once a week we’d try to have a little pizza and a cider and celebrate another week in the van. However, we’ve been searching for Cidre since last Friday and haven’t found any. Tonight we found some! I decided to try the cola flavoured one and Nat stuck with what she knows best, berries.

The rain seemed to follow us again this evening and no sooner were we in the van was it absolutely pelting it down. It always sounds worse when it’s on Doris’ roof but it was lashing it down. But, guess it’s just another day in Germany!

Tomorrow we’ll head into Czech Republic. We heard the weather is good and the diesel is cheap. Here’s hoping!

Tonights camping location: Schwandorf, Germany (CamperContact: 3332)

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2 Replies to “The Medieval City of Nuremberg”

  1. Paul and I have been to Czech republic. When we went we found it very cheap.we drove from the polish side.
    Glad you found your way back to doris x?

    1. We hope it’s still as cheap! We’ll soon find out. Hope you’re having a wonderful time, the sunshine looks great. We’ve almost forgotten what the sun is! x

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