Doris makes it to Denmark!

Day 05: Torp, Denmark.

I have to say last nights camping place was probably one of the best we’ve had. Quiet and with the soft sounds of the river flowing besides us we both managed a really good sleep. Fortunately though we managed to get up early too, before 8AM!

Coffees and showers done and we were on the road and heading towards Denmark.

Very thankful that we decided to pull over for the night because of two reasons.

  1. Sittensen was a beautiful town, albeit the interrogation of the German Drugs squad.
  2. Because the traffic that showed on the map heading up towards Hamburg was busy at gone 9AM this morning. Goodness knows what it’d have been like if we’d have travelled through it early evening.

Arriving in Denmark!

Doris makes her 6th country whilst on tour with us. Wales, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic and now Denmark. Life in the old girl yet!

One straight motorway connected Germany through to Denmark so the 150 odd-ish miles were relatively uneventful but we’ve made it and that’s what matters.

Tonights camping location of choice is a cow farm. A beautiful one at that too. Off of a quiet Danish road and into a secluded farm with 5 pitches for motorhomes. All beautifully set with well looked after amenities.

It’s crazy because we paid ¬£10 for overnight camping in Angelsey, Wales just less than a week ago and that was merely a car park near a nice beach. This has a kitchen, hot shower, fresh water, waste disposal, a lounge area and free petting of cows! It’s such a shame that the UK is so far behind Europe in motorhome access.

Once we’d done some of the day to day jobs like filling up the water and checking out the facilities. We unloaded the bikes and headed out to the nearest town…

…8KM away.

Thankfully the roads were quiet, the scenery beautiful and the gradient mostly down hill so before we knew it we were in the town of Aabenraa.

Aabenraa is a 12th century town with lots of character and a beautiful man made beach. On a sunny day today it’s easy to forget you’re in Denmark and not somewhere like Southern Spain or the South of France.

Stocked up on supplies and ready for the up-hill cycle back to Doris, we hopped on our bikes, binned our ice cream sticks and cycled into the wind. It wasn’t actually that bad going back and we did it in relatively good time considering we haven’t really been out on the bikes much the last month or so.

Which brings us to mentioning that our Adventure Across America is less than 7 weeks away. And on my birthday, August 5th, we’ll be flying to New York City to prepare to cycle 4,500 miles across America to Seattle.

Once back at the van, Nat chucked tea on and we feasted on hot dogs and pretzel chocolate. Bloody delicious I tell the!

Midsummers Eve in Scandinavia!

Today marks the official first day of summer and the longest day of the year. The sun will set at its latest and from here on out will continue to set earlier and earlier each night. However, this won’t be true for us and we’ll be heading north so our sunlight hours are only going to be extended.

On June 23rd the Danes celebrate this festival or sankthans as otherwise known in Danish. Typically bonfires are made and burned on the banks of the rivers or the beaches of the sea in order to protect/defend from witches and bad spirits.

We’re hoping to catch something over the next few days but if not we’re just enjoying 10PM sun and sitting outside writing this blog. Its not a bad evening to be out!

Tomorrow we’re potentially heading across to the oldest town in Denmark, Ribe. IT’s got some viking history and some other cool stuff going on so it might be worth the visit. It’s looking to be another warm and sunny day here in Denmark tomorrow so whatever we do it’ll be outside!

But most importantly tonight is the last episode in Series 1 of Breaking Bad. We always try to pick a Series we can watch before we go to bed and we picked Breaking Bad this time. What a choice! Although not good for my thoughts and potentially turning Doris into a meth lab…

Tonights camping location: Torp, Denmark. (CamperConact: Click here)

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