Doris Meets Dorothy!

Day 19: Andoya, Lofoten Islands, Norway.

Another lie in this morning which was greatly welcomed. It’s weird how we struggled so much with sleep for the first couple of weeks and now we’re doing just fine. Albeit falling to sleep later, but we’re definitely keeping our sleep hours up, which is important.

To our surprise when we peeled back the curtains this morning we were greeted by a doggo! Not any Doggo, a Doggo in a Hymer!

After a shower, some coffee and a little tidy up in Doris we decided to pop over and say hello to our new neighbours, Mick, Diane, Oscar and their lovely Dorothy.

Firstly, what other motorhomers drop by to give you tuna and seasonings?! Definitely only Hymer owners!

Mick and Diane were an absolute pleasure to meet. So much so 2 hours soon flew by talking everything and everything. What a lovely couple. That and their Dorothy was an absolute beauty! A little older than Doris, but they’re done a superb job on here. Their interior is absolutely incredible. Spacious and lighter which made us think about a mod con or two for Doris.

After sharing stories and tales of travel, we’ve some more things to add to the to do list AND we’ve been hugely successful at a budget shop. Thanks to their recommendations. Also, Mick if you’re reading this, tins of tuna in Rema1000 are less than 50p!

Honestly, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you both (and Oscar) and we’re hoping that we can cross paths somewhere south before we head out of Europe. Safe travelling guys.

Making it to The Lofoten Islands

The weather seems to be clearing a little and we had thought about hiking whilst it was nice. But instead we both decided that a 2 hour ferry would be but nicer over calm seas, than rough ones. Ferry it was and over to the Lofoten islands.

Ferries are like buses over here and it’s an easy on and off system. Park up, pull in, pass the time, drive off and it’s as easy as that.

There was word that we’d potentially spot some sea life whilst out on the ferry. Sperm whales, pilot whales, minke whales and maybe some dolphins. We definitely did see something. 100% saw something small, but nothing more. We don’t seem to have the best of luck when it comes to spotting sea life. 3 weeks in New Zealand and nothing too!

The Lofoten Islands have been somewhere we’ve both wanted to visit for a long time and we’re finally here! Made up of many, many islands, tonnes of wildlife, peaks and mountains galore, we’re looking forward to driving Doris around and getting familiar with this place.

After the ferry I didn’t feel too good if I am honest. I’m not the best on the sea and with the choppy seas of Northern Norway it wasn’t a great encounter.

We drove from the ferry to the supermarket and after some tips from Mick and Diane we bagged some bargains. Cheap tuna, cheap crisps, cheap sausages, cornflakes and some regulars too. We were chuffed and hopeful that we can now keep on track with our budget for the rest of the trip.


Time ticking on and with me not feeling the greatest we didn’t drive too far from the ferry port. Parking in an incredible spot looking over the beach and insane rock formations. Nat rocked some tea and we’ve spent the evening trying to spot whales, dolphins and generally being grateful that we’ve made it to the Lofoten!

Tonights camping location: Andoya, Lofoten (Park4Night: Click here)

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2 Replies to “Doris Meets Dorothy!”

  1. Sorry you didn’t get to see any whales on the crossing but it looks like you had cracking weather for the journey over to Andenes (apart from the sea swell!). Lovely to have met you both, safe travels and don’t forget Haukland Beach, above Leknes. Mick & Diane

    1. Ha don’t be sorry mate, it is what it is. Ferry was easy and glad we did it yesterday rather than today. We’ve parked up for the day at a site with electricity, you were right in what was wrong so hugely appreciate that, mate. Have a great day.

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