Festvågtind Hike in the Lofoten, Norway

Festvågtind hike is a towering peak hike about Henningsvaer, one of the most famous places in all of the Lofoten.

Famed for its iconic football pitch at the end of a small archipelago from the main arm of the Lofoten, this dramatic landscape is a beauty to withhold on foot, let alone from above.

If you’re visiting the Lofoten and making a trip to Henningsvaer, then you absolutely must take the time to hike up to Festvågtind hike as this is one of the best viewpoints in all of Norway.

If dramatic coastal islands, steep cliffs, wonderful vistas, and a quintessential Arctic Norway sounds like your kind of fun, then the Festvågtind Hike is an absolute must-do.

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Quick Facts about the Festvågtind Hike

  • Distance: 3 miles
  • Time: 1 – 3 hours
  • Best travel time: Choose a good weather window, as the views are worth the wait!
  • Difficulty: Nothing crazy. Solid climb. Good exposure at the summit.
  • Parking: Parking directly at the base of Festvågtind Hike, near the first bridge.

High Points of the Festvågtind Hike

  • One of the best views over Henningsvaer
  • A must do hike if you’re visiting the Lofoten
  • Panoramic views over the entire Lofoten archipelago
  • Great expsoure at the summit

Low Points of the Festvågtind Hike

Slippery in the wet, be careful.

How to get to the Festvågtind Hike

Stick Henningsvaer in your SatNav, and you’ll have all the directions you need.

There is free parking before the first bridge into Henningsvaer, and there is paid parking, and toilets, on the other side of the bridge. Whichever you choose, it’s only a small road walk toward the trailhead to start the hike.

Head back the way you came, keeping the sea to your left, and then look for an opening in the trees to start the trail.

Pay close attention at the start of the trail, as it’s not too well defined and there is a small amount of scrambling to be done.

Once you’re passed this, the trail then becomes easy to follow and in classic Lofoten style, it’s straight up the entire way.

Here’s the AllTrails link I used for the hike.

Click here.

My Experience of the Festvågtind Hike

In the Summer of 2019, I first visited Henningsvaer. In the height of summer, and in a much bigger van, I daren’t even go over the first few bridges because there were so many people.

However, I am glad I didn’t do this hike then because, on my return in 2022, it meant I could experience it for the first time.

Henningsvaer is a wonderful set of islands that are all connected via small bridges. It’s famous for its incredible football pitch at the end of the islands. I actually got beat by two 9-year-old boys when I was there, let’s blame the old man’s knees shall we?

The hike itself is typically Lofoten-esque, with it just being from sea to summit without much of a let-off. A vertical climb, somewhat challenging, but you know it’s not going to take long until it’s over.

The views from the summit, however, are worth every bit of effort it takes to get there. Absolutely unreal and gives a real sense of what an incredible place Henningsvaer is. How they made, and connected, such a thriving community from these harsh islands, I’ve no idea. But they’ve done it.

It’s definitely a worthwhile hike if you’re visiting the Lofoten.

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If you’ve any questions about the Festvågtind Hike then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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