Mountains, Moose and Waterfalls

Day 26: Some waterfall in Norway

When we woke up for our last morning in the Arctic circle we were excited about the adventure ahead…

…that being an 70-100km drive whilst Doris had her low fuel light on. Sketchy and very stupid but we managed to make it.


We made the journey after a couple of coffees, a quick shower and a check around Doris. Unfortunately she’d leaked some oil/something overnight so we checked all the levels and saw that it was in fact the oil. Unsure as to why, but maybe because she did quite a few miles yesterday for the first time in about a week.

The hunt was on. Diesel and oil.

We managed to find both and we sorted Doris out and made sure she was checked over. Here’s hoping that it was only something minor and we don’t have a repeat offence anytime soon.

The agenda was to drive South until I got bored and decided to pull over. When just like that we saw it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. We’d travelled the length of the country where they’re most densely populated, we’ve been in Norway for 8 days and we still hadn’t seen the elusive beast.


I was genuinely so excited I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully I didn’t it didn’t come to a crashing stop whilst hurtling down the carriageway at 80KMPH in Doris. But as quick as we saw her (presumably) she’d galloped off as frantically as I, into the trees behind her.

I got bored but what’s great about Norway is that we just so happened to be at a beautiful waterfall.

Laksforsen was the name, which is unusual as most waterfalls have foss at the end, presumably being fall or falls. It wasn’t an impressively high waterfall, but the sheer amount of volume that was going through the falls per minute was astounding. Water cascading down the steep rocks faster than your eyes could follow.

We walked down and spent some time watching salmon jump through the waters, splashing frantically out of the water, some small, some big. But the joy was from people watching. Watching tourist after tourist come down to the waterfall with such confidence in their ability to walk on smooth rock.


You guessed it, time after time someone fell victim to the vicious, nasty, outrageously evil… smooth rock.


Day 27: 150KM North of Trondheim

It’s funny isn’t it. When you read something stupid or silly, you never really believe it do you? Like last nights reviews on parking near the waterfall. A few comments said that to be warned that the waterfall was loud at night and they struggled to sleep.

Who’d have thought it? A cascading force of thousands upon thousands of gallons of water per hour, hell per minute, would be loud?

Well I can confirm that it was loud, very loud. What else did we expect?

Unfortunately no more moose on the drive further South today, even though we were practically inside moose country for a fair few KM’s. That said the scenery around here is just unbelievable. It’s hard to believe that the whole of Norway is like this. You know, every town has it’s nice houses, every city has it’s nice neighbourhoods.



Formofossen, another beautiful waterfall.

It’s said that Norway has 10 of the top 30 highest waterfalls in the world. It’s easy to see why. The incredible fjords, glaciers and waters that are at every turn, of course there is going to be some incredible falls.

Formofossen looked like it was nothing, some odd shaped, but awesome carved out rock with a drop of water off of the other side. That was until we went further down and could see that ‘drop of water’.
There is something so frightening about a waterfall. The sheer force and strength that they hold is enough to be mesmerised in the mist of it’s power. I love waterfalls and I can’t wait to see some more of Norway has to offer. New Zealand was hard to beat in the waterfall front, the same is said for Iceland so I’m excited to see where Norway lands.

After the falls we drove further south and were further disappointed that there were no more moose. I guess we can’t be greedy, we’ve seen one at least!

It’s hard to pick a place to stay for the night here as you’ll never know what’s at the next location. But what’s reassuring is that every spot you do pick is always beautiful and always worth stopping at.

We’ve not really done a whole bunch since coming off of Lofoten, partly because we’re trying to make up some time so we’ve got more further South. That said we’re exploring Trondheim tomorrow, with it being Sunday it would be rude not to make the most of free parking, hey! Oh and we’ll likely do our washing too, I don’t think there is another way to wear underwear than back to front and inside out!


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