New Job? Quitting Personal Training? – Weekly 006

Focusing on what is important and double, if not triple, downing on it to make sure no matter what, you’ve done what you said you would. More of the same this week, but with major breakthroughs.

Like mentioned last week, these weekly are now taking a slight turn as my life in South Africa settles down and my life becomes less about travel and more about the daily habits and behaviours associated with it. But I’m going to be sharing some nuggets some wisdom and essentially using this as a place of reference and to put my thoughts.

My Week In Numbers;

  • 4 Workouts
  • 3 days reading
  • 95566 steps walked
  • 1 all-time lightest weight
  • 1 new job
  • 2 huge breakthroughs


How you do one thing, is how you do everything.

I remember hearing this quote a few years ago, I think I read it in the book Legacy about the All Blacks and their relentless habits and abilities to always perform at such a high level. But I took it on board and it’s one of those things that always pops into my head when I’m not feeling it, or when I’m alone and feel like I can get away with something.

Read it. Then read it again.

For me this week I’ve realised that I’m living on the other side of the line than I’ve previously done. Previously I’d have settled at 8000 steps, I’d have settled without tracking my cider or my extra chocolate and I’d have certainly not sweated missing a workout or two in one week.

Whereas now?

It’s ringing around in my head like an echo inside a chambered cave. It won’t leave my side and hasn’t done since the start of the year.

I just want you to consider this.

What knock-on effect does it have when you bargain yourself out of doing your 10,000 steps? When do you say that the flapjack won’t matter too much, and not to track it? That the dominoes on the weekend will take you over your calories, but you’ll make those calories back?

Look over the last 6 months of your life and decide what effect that has.

You’ll either be;

1) Unhappy and upset with how your body looks, how little you’ve moved and by how few workouts you’ve done.


2) You’ll be proud of your consistency, proud of the workouts you’ve done and even had some you didn’t want to do, but did anyway and you’ll be feeling confident and happy about your body moving forward.

Next time you’re at 8000 steps and feel like it’s adequate enough. Either quickly get around the block and see yourself over the line (If your goal is 10000 that is, don’t sweat it if it’s 8k). Or get around your house, up and down your stairs and FINISH what you said you would do.

Next time you think eating the takeaway and drinking is fine, because you’ve been good all week, either plan for it and track it or eat something less calorie and drink something fewer calories too.

Because, how you do ONE thing, is how you do EVERYTHING.



Creating my own luck

As you’ll know from last week I HATE luck. It’s a weird thing to me, so let’s not talk about it.

But as I edge closer to 30 workouts for the year, I’m feeling vastly different from the person that entered 2020. It’s crazy what this level of consistency, in such a short space of time, is dramatically changing my mental and physical well being. I honestly thought I’d never really be able to get in a shape that would make me proud again but slowly I’m starting to believe that this year might be the best year of my life, physically.

This week is proof of that. I deadlifted 180kg x 3 and squatted 160kg x 4 both for two sets. Now, these are a fraction of my lifetime bests but having only torn my hamstring, nearly off, 11 months ago this is a HUGE win for me and a great marker in my diary to see the progress I can make over the next 173 workouts.

This week I officially accepted a role over at The Personal Trainer Collective. A company that hugely helped my education as an up and coming Personal Trainer and one I truly believe will be changing the industry in the next few years. Very happy to announce that I’ll be working for them and I’m excited to be able to tell you more in the coming weeks.

I took before and after photos, this week and christ, what a motivating thing to do. If you’ve not already started to do so, start taking pictures and just leaving them whilst you get on with your craft daily. It’s unbelievable how much you can change without even realising it. For me, it’s a high motivation tool that can almost show you all the changes you’ve made, and not felt, in the matter of a few months.


IF you got this far, thanks for tuning in for another week. I appreciate you.

It would seem you’re interested in my life, so if you’re not already following me on Instagram (@loubrierley) then you probably should as I’m there every day to call you out on your bullshit and help you make real progress.

See you next week for another spicy weekly.

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2 Replies to “New Job? Quitting Personal Training? – Weekly 006”

  1. I just hope that if you ever have a bad day or week etc that you can come back to this blog and see what positivity has done for you!

    Looking forward to hearing more about the new job 🙂

    1. Love that mate, thanks for reminding me about it and how much I’ve managed to change my outlook in just a few months. Appreciate you brother.

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