Pai Canyon for Sunrise – Adventure Guide

Now you’ve probably heard of Pai Canyon, and you’ve probably also heard it’s one of the best spots in Pai to catch the Sunset, right? Wrong. You need to do a Pai Canyon for Sunrise, instead.

Whilst also incredible for sunset, it’s only good if you enjoy being shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of other people all looking for that IG picture for their grids.

For sunrise? There was just me and one other guy, Ziyo. We had the entire canyon to ourselves to explore and see all the different nooks and crannies that the canyon offers. Definitely a different experience when you have it to yourself!

Do yourself a favour and set your alarm early for a Sunrise adventure in Pai Canyon, and don’t wait until Sunrise like everyone else.

Impressive views from above

Quick Facts about Pai Canyon

  • Distance: 8KM from the centre of Pai
  • Time from Pai: Less than 15 minute scooter ride
  • Time needed: Less than 1 hour
  • Best travel time: SUNRISE! Please go instead of Sunset!
  • Difficulty: Super easy, sketchy in places so just be careful
  • Cost: FREE!
Pants and a long sleeve top, who dis?

High Points of the Pai Canyon for Sunrise

  • Easy to reach from Pai
  • Literally had the entire place to ourselves, so much better than Sunset!
  • No cost to enter which is actually amazing!
  • Super cool, and contrasting place to visit amongst the green countryside

Low Points of the Pai Canyon for Sunrise

  • Super chilly in the mornings on the scooter, wrap up!
  • Honestly, I feel it would be a let down at sunset, but sunrise was special!

How to get to Pai Canyon for Sunrise

One of the best things about Pai Canyon is how accesible it is to visit from the centre of Pai. A short drive south and out of Pai and you’ll reach the canyon itself.

I’m not sure what you’d do if you don’t have your own bike, but I’d definitely recommend renting on for a day if you can, so that you can explore Pai Canyon and other locations around Pai without the need of taxis or lifts.

Head out of Pai centre and get onto the 1085.

From there, follow it south for about 8KM.

You’ll see the signs and roadside parking when you’re near the canyon. From here it’s just a short 5 minute walk to the opening, and start, of the canyon itself.

My Experience of Pai Canyon for Sunrise

Having already driven passed the canyon on my way to my Hostel upon arriving in Pai, the sheer amount of scooters parked on the roadside gave me shivers.

The thought of masses amounts of elephant pants, dreadlocks, the odd bongo, and a faint whiff of weed whilst watching the sunset didn’t get me very hard.

However, the idea of hitting it at sunrise did arouse me a little.

I’m so glad I set the alarm and made the cold drive out to the canyon because I was spoiled to the entire canyon to myself for most of the morning. Before meeting another British guy, Ziyo.

The canyon itself is really cool. A mini grand canyon if you will, and something you’d definitely not expect in the middle of the green, luscious countryside that Pai is famously known for.

Towering cliffs and winding crevasses make this canyon exciting and fun to walk around.

Please make sure you’re surefooted and careful. The sandstone is fragile and can be slippery.

Pai Canyon for Sunrise

It’s a definite must-see if you’re in Pai and would highly, highly recommend that you swap out the Sunset plans and make it here for Sunrise instead!

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If you’ve any questions about the Pai Canyon, then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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