Paradise in the Arctic Circle

Day 22: Moskenesoya, Lofoten Islands, Norway.

Last night wasn’t the best night sleep to be fair. We were parked near the main road (the only one) and some passing cars whilsting near our ears made it a restless night to say the least. To be fair though, I’d park here again and again with views like these. Where else could you get a campsite like this, for free?

With us being close to one of the last towns left on the island it made sense to stock up on some snacks and bits before being isolated and in danger of paying £3.50 for a bag of crisps again.

Norway actually isn’t that expensive. When you take into account what we paid for a month in New Zealand, we’ll be well under that budget. But things are slightly inflated here, and prices vary as always. The major difference though is the small ferries and toll bridges that you have to cross. Some cost upwards of £25 and we’re likely to pass at least 6 or 7 of them on our way back South.

Budget shopping, tips curiosity of Mick and Diane, was successful today. Sourcing 50p tins of tuna, big bags of crisps for less than a £1 and some other little snack bits for the journey in Doris. It can be done here, but you’ll be a little limited to what you can have, as there isn’t much on the budget friendly side.


Haukland Beach, is this paradise?

It’s easy to think Norway is just never-ending snow capped mountains, jagged peaks jutting right out of the beautiful and deep blue fjords but they have another string to their bow.

White sand beaches.

Yep. White sand beaches.

What I wasn’t expecting was something as beautiful as Haukland beach.

This place is INSIDE the Arctic circle. Let that sink in for a moment.

The water was so clear and so deep it was hard to believe this was the sea AND that we weren’t somewhere in the Mediterranean. Nope we were in the Arctic circle.

Sand untouched by footprints, water so clear it looked drinkable and a lone boat bobbing and swaying with the small ocean waves. Is this paradise?

I think it is.

We sat and gazed at the sheer beauty of this place for a good hour and we could have spent hours more just gazing and being mesmerised by the green ocean waters. But we were hungry. And no one likes us when we’re hungry!


What was meant to be a beautiful clear day soon decended into a cloudy, cold and windy one. Having not slept very well last night, it made sense to pull over in a small place called Napp and do what we do best.

No, not eat a weeks worth of snacks in one day.


And nap we did. Then as the fog wasn’t clearing we decided to stay put. Feet up, socks on and let the world pass us by. Oh it’s the life we love.

Tonights camping location: Kilan, Lofoten (Park4Night: Click Here)

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6 Replies to “Paradise in the Arctic Circle”

  1. Even when it’s foggy it looks weirdly beautiful !!

    1. Yeah, how’s that happen? We lost that view pretty quickly last night but when we woke up it was crystal clear again!

  2. You are selling this place to us – we have a ‘Doris’ and plan to explore beyond the Scottish border some time soon …. maybe Norway is the place to go!

    1. You’ve a Doris too?! Amazing! I’m happy to send some itineraries, guides and whatever you need to tempt you and make you visit Norway! x

  3. Wow that place looks stunning who would have thought there would be such a beautiful beach in the arctic circle. Another great blog.

    1. Crazy isn’t it mate? Somewhere so cold and remote can have better beaches than somewhere hot! Get up here when you’ve got chance. You’ll love it x

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