Penycloddiau Circular – Clwydians, Wales

If there’s one hike I’ve done more than any other, it’s the Penycloddiau loop in the Clywdians, North Wales. Yes, I’ve done it more times than any route in Snowdonia, and any route in Norway.


It’s relatively low-level, it’s beautiful, accessible and usually has no other humans.

A quick, and relatively easy loop that’s good for just blowing away some cobwebs and topping up the weekly steps, the Penycloddiau loop in the Clwydians is quite possibly one of my favorite walks in Wales.

How to get to the Penycloddiau Circular

On the northern stretches of the Clywdians, and towards the end of the Offa’s Dyke. The Penycloddiau Circular is best accessed via Mold or Caerwys and has 2 different starting points for the loop.

(Potentially more if you wanted to add other hills onto the loop)

I always park at the end of a small road in Afonwen, but there is an actual car park for the Penycloddiau circular, which might be a better option.

My Experience with the Penycloddiau Circular

Usually parking at the smaller, and quieter car park halfway through the loop, this means I always start with a nice easy stroll in the lowlands.

Then up through the woodlands, through the forest, and to the actual car park. Then over the tops towards the hill fort of Penycloddiau.

This is by far the route I’ve done most anywhere in the world, and even did it on Christmas Day in 2021!

A beautiful, accessible, and easy route to follow and good for most weathers. Trust me I’ve been up there in serious winds, terrible rain, some snow, and also glorious sunshine. Obviously, the latter is the most fun, however, the other weathers still aren’t too challenging for this loop.

One of the lesser-known spots in Wales, but equally as beautiful.

With views over the entire Snowdonia range, down to the coastline, across to the Wirral and Liverpool. The panoramic views on a good day are absolutely incredible.

If you’re looking for a short walk in Wales, that won’t take you more than a couple of hours, then this one is for you.

If you’ve any questions about finding the Penycloddiau Circular then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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