Reinebringen Hike – Lofoten’s Best Hike

The Reinebringen Hike is iconic all over the world. With some of the best summit views, I’ve seen anywhere in the world. this is a must-do hike if you’re visiting the Lofoten in Northern Norway.

Potentially one of the more popular hikes in peak season however, but if you manage to visit during the shoulder season you will get the summit to yourself, just like I did in September of 2022.

From the summit, you can see 360 views of the entire Lofoten, which is an Archipelago in Northern Norway that has recently boomed through social media. You can understand why though. With its paradise-perfect beaches, crystal clear waters, and jagged mountain peaks, this place is an adventure paradise. No trip to Northern Norway is complete without a road trip through the Lofoten.

Quick Facts about the Reinebringen Hike

  • Distance:¬†Less than 3KM but stairs from the bottom to the top.
  • Time: 1-2 hours
  • Best travel time: Sunset or Sunrise.
  • Difficulty: Stairs all the way from the bottom to the top, and the elevation gain is from sea to summit.
  • Parking: Anywhere in Reine.

High Points of the Reinebringen Hike

  • One of the best day hikes anywhere in the world.
  • Unbelieavable panoramic views from the summit.
  • Good, solid footing on the trail, unlike some of Lofoten’s other hikes.
  • A must do hike if you’re in Northern Norway.

Low Points of the Reinebringen Hike

Can be super busy, and especially dangerous at the top if it is.

How to get to the Reinebringen Hike

Located in the quaint fishing village of Reine, Reinebringen is the towering peak that looks over the village below.

Parking can be difficult. Especially in the summer. But there are plenty of spots just outside of Reine that you can use but you’ll just have to road walk in. That being said, the hike is really short so a road walk to the trailhead wouldn’t be too much of an issue.

My Experience of the Reinebringen Hike

Having visited the Lofoten for the first time in 2019. We had unfortunately timed it when the trail was getting new steps built by a Nepalese sherpa team. This meant the trail was out of use, and out of respect for the Nepalese workers, we decided to give it a miss.

When revisiting the Lofoten 3 years later, it was the highest on the list.

Earlier in the day I had hiked Flakstadtinden, another fantastic short hike in the Lofoten. But as the sun was getting ready to set, I decided that a last-minute sunset mission up Reinebringen would be perfect.

The climb, and the stairs, are absolutely no joke on Reinebringen. 1566 steps will lead you directly to one of the most incredible summits anywhere in the world. Having climbed mountains in 30+ countries in the world, I can tell you this for a fact.

The sunset on a perfect evening in the Lofoten, and I was genuinely blown away by the view I was facing. I cannot explain or describe the view but you’d have to see it yourself to believe it anyway.

Bitterly cold, but still absolutely buzzing to have finally made it to Reinebringens 446m summit with some of the best views anywhere in the world.

If you’re in Northern Norway, specifically the Lofoten then despite what others say about the Reinebringen hike being busy and touristy, you absolutely must visit.

Head up for a sunrise, or sunset and you’ll be blown away by the vista you’re presented with.

If you’ve any questions about the Reinebringen Hike in the Lofoten islands, then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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