Secret Waterfall hike in Snowdonia, Wales

If you’re fond of Wales, then you would have definitely heard, or seen, about the Secret Waterfall in Snowdonia.

When I first saw it, I knew I had to find it for myself. Proving is not too difficult but elusive from most maps, meaning this waterfall is a passed-on secret for those that want to find it for themselves.

A seriously impressive waterfall that’s secretly hidden in a quintessential Welsh quarry. It is a must-visit if you’re visiting the South of Snowdonia, or the West of Wales.

One of Snowdonia’s last remaining secrets but more than that, it’s one of the best low-level walks I’ve done. If you’re looking to get off of the beaten path, find one of Snowdonia’s last remaining secrets, and have a little adventure along the way, then the Secret Waterfall hike in Snowdonia, Wales is for you.

With a series of beautiful cascading waterfalls down the original trail through thick forest, it’s a really beautiful spot, even if there wasn’t a secret waterfall at the end the Secret Waterfall hike in Snowdonia would still be worth a visit! 

Secret waterfall in Wales
Secret waterfall in Wales

Quick Facts about the Secret Waterfall in Wakes

  • Distance: Less than 5km out and back
  • Time: 1-2 hours
  • Best travel time: After heavy rainfall or golden hour
  • Difficulty: Not difficult, but rocks near the falls can be slippery. Also remember you’re in a quarry, which can be a dangerous place to be.
  • Parking: Park opposite the old Railway Inn – LL36 9YW
Secret waterfall in Wales, Snowdonia.

High Points of the Secret Waterfall Wales

  • One of the last remaining hidden gems.
  • Takes a good adventure to find, and the payoff is worth it.
  • Lacks tourists and people.
  • Absolutely beautiful waterfall at the end of the hike.

Low Points of the Secret Waterfall Wales

  • In a disused mine so caution needs to be taken.
  • Slippery in the wet, be careful.
In all it’s secret glory

How to get to the Secret Waterfall in Snowdonia

There are no official signposts for the Secret Waterfall hike in Snowdonia, but it follows the trail of another route and has some exploring to do at the end to find the secret waterfall itself.

Parking is in the center of Abergyngolyn, across the road from the village shop, there’s maybe space for 10-12 cars in there.

From the car park, follow the road up behind the houses and through to the trail. It’s fairly obvious when you’re on the trail, it’s thick forests with an amazing river following through it. Enjoy this part of the trail as you pass by dozens of cascading waterfalls and some crystal-clear pools.

Once you’ve hiked far enough you’ll come to a bridge, take a left and start climbing some elevation. Do so until you go through the kissing gate and onto the road again.

Follow this road until it forks off, and the actual trail is fairly obvious as it’s the only one you couldn’t fit a car through.

Continue on this trail until you get through the slate mine and towards the first quarry hole on your left. From here another 100m or so you’ll see a pile of old slate on your left that has somewhat of a trail through it, follow this. Then use your ears to find the waterfall, although it’s fairly obvious if you reach this point.

One of the many pools on the route up

My Experience of finding the Secret Waterfall in Wales

When I first found the Secret Waterfall in Snowdonia, it was an incredible experience. I had heard of friends getting lost, spending hours trying to find the waterfall and all coming back empty-handed. It appeared this, rather large, waterfall was fairly elusive.

Finding it for the first time was an unreal experience, and very grateful to have found this when there was no one else here so we had it all to ourselves. Made the experience even better.

If you’re wanting a similar experience then I would strongly recommend hiking early in the morning or for sunrise, provided you’ve got the right tools to be able to hike during the dark.


The trail up towards the actual waterfall is absolutely littered with beautiful falls, crystal clear plunge pools, and an incredibly dense forest. Feels like you could be in the Philippines, minus the temperature difference of course.

If this stays somewhat of a hidden gem, then this place is one of the best in Snowdonia.

What to do after your hike to find the Secret Waterfall

Typically I’ll head to Trefor Sea Stacks and watch a sunset, or I’ll get the paddle board out and have a paddle around the stacks.

On the way home I like to stop in Conwy and get. Johnny Dough’s pizza. Which is potentially one of the best pizzas I have had anywhere in the world.

But if you’re making a weekend of it, here are some more ideas for you to tackle whilst you’re in god’s country, also known as Wales.

Tryfan via North Ridge
Moel Siabod via Daedu Ridge

Trefor Sea Stacks for Sunset

If you’ve any questions about finding the Secret Waterfall in Snowdonia, then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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14 Replies to “Secret Waterfall hike in Snowdonia, Wales”

  1. not going to stay a hidden gem with you disclosing all the details of how to get there!

    1. I very much doubt my small blog will impact the numbers on this hidden gem. But even still, just because it’s ‘Hidden’ doesn’t mean it should be gatekept from others to also enjoy.

  2. Does the carpark take you directly to the car park ? 🙂

    1. Hey Laura!

      Not sure your comment makes too much sense, but I assume you mean to the waterfall and not to the car park. If you follow the route description in the blog, you’ll find it without a problem.

      Good luck!

  3. We found it today with the help of your directions. I already had an idea of the location from coordinates I’d found, but had my 7 year old in tow so made life easier. Super grateful, thank you.

    1. I am really pleased you managed to find it, a great little adventure for sure!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this! My husband and I followed your directions, and found it yesterday. It was his birthday and we love finding new things/walks to do, so this was perfect. We didn’t see another soul around for the whole 3 hours we spent walking to/from the waterfall and spending some time there. Thanks again! 🙂

    1. That is amazing, Vicky! Glad you both had a good day, and I am glad you enjoyed the waterfall!

  5. Thank you so much for posting these! My friend and I have both been through a tough past year and wanted to do something amazing (but without having to think too much-wanted to give our brains a rest) and now that I have stumbled across your directions we’re going to have a go at finding this magical place! Thank you again!

    1. Sorry to hear you’ve had a tough year, Lou! But hope the waterfall provides some solitude and fun for you.

  6. Chris sadler says: Reply

    Went here today using your directions from your little blog and found it perfectly. What an absolutely stunning place, my dad is a photographer so took him along with me and he absolutely loved it also! Thanks so much for sharing such a gem for others to enjoy. We we’re the only ones there today and my god it was truly stunning. Couldn’t of done it without your brilliant directions though so thank you!

    1. You’re most welcome, Chris. Hope you had a great time with your Dad!

  7. Martin sadler says: Reply

    Visited 3.3.24, without your information we would not have found it. Beautiful place and clean, no vandalism. Thanks for sharing it really helped.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Martin!

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