Sticky Waterfalls Chiang Mai – Adventure Guide

Bua Tong, or Sticky Waterfalls Chiang Mai, is a must-see if you’re in the area! Less than an hour outside of the bustling city of Chiang Mai lies one of the most bizarre, yet wonderful, waterfalls I’ve ever seen.

Honestly, it is hands down one of the most unique waterfalls anywhere I’ve experienced. Before coming here, it was actually really low on my list of things to see, but after spending the afternoon there I think it should be among the top 3 things to do or see when you’re in Chiang Mai.

Bua Tong is a series of waterfalls in the Sri Lanna National Park and is set in a beautiful area of Thailand. With a selection of restaurants, coffee shops, and a visitor center. Make sure you set aside some time to spend the afternoon here.

Ropes lead the way on steeper sections.

Quick Facts about Sticky Waterfalls Chiang Mai.

  • Distance: Less than 1km
  • Travel Time from Chiang Mai: ~60 minutes
  • Time needed: Personally you could spend an afternoon here quite easily
  • Best travel time: Come first thing in the morning if you can, and you’ll avoid some crowds
  • Difficulty: Hiking the waterfalls isn’t too difficult, just take your time
  • Waterfall height: It’s actually a series of 4 falls and they’re about 100m in total
  • Cost: FREE! (Cannot actually believe this was a free experience)

Highs Points of the Sticky Waterfalls Chiang Mai

  • One of the most unique waterfalls anywhere in the world
  • Free of charge, which is mad considering how fun it was!
  • Can spend a few hours here easily
  • Great fun for all ages!

Low Points of the Sticky Waterfalls Chiang Mai

  • Can get crowded here with lots of tourists
Bua Tong Waterfalls

How to get to the Sticky Waterfalls Chiang Mai

The drive from Chiang Mai isn’t too bad, but it’ll be even easier if you tie it all into one big waterfall-chasing adventure day and hit Mok Fah Waterfall too. Otherwise, here are directions from Chiang Mai.

Again just be wary of the Thai roads, lots of stuff happens and goes on but if you pay attention and drive safely, then the trip to the Sticky Waterfalls isn’t too bad. You’ll also drive through and see some amazing rice terraces, which when the water is in them the views are incredible!

  • Drive north on the 107
  • Turn right onto the 1414
  • Turn left onto the 1001
  • Wander in amazement at the rice paddies and scenery this road offers
  • Follow signs for Bua Tong waterfall

My experience at the Sticky Waterfalls Chiang Mai

Even though I’ve seen waterfalls in many countries around the world this was honestly the most unique and incredible waterfalls I’ve ever been too! Not the waterfall itself but the fact that you can literally climb up the waterfall itself.

Usually waterfalls are smooth from the water cascading down them for yeara and years, but for some reason the sticky waterfalls are exactly that, sticky!

Now I was actually expecting this to be a bit of a tourist trap and the waterfall to not actually be sticky but I was proved wrong on both accounts.

Nature’s pathway, Sticky Falls.

There’s four waterfalls to climb and each offering something slightly different from the last one. But all equally as fun as each other!

The texture of the rock is created by the rich mineral deposits found in this area and thus algae and plants don’t grow and attach themselves, which is why it is sticky!

The main waterfall at Sticky Falls

I am unsure of anywhere else in the world that has similar waterfalls, so whilst you’re in Chiang Mai it’s a must-visit to this incredible natural wonder!

If you’ve any questions about the Sticky Waterfalls, then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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