Tedori Gorge Walk, Hakusan

The Tedori Gorge in Hakusan National Park is a seriously impressive gorge, with turquoise waters and fast-flowing waterfalls.

It’s an 8-kilometer-long gorge with up to 30-metre cliffs towering above the fast-flowing river Tedori below.

With some seriously impressive turquoise pools and fast-flowing waterfalls, this is a worthy stop if you’re visiting Hakusan. The most impressive of the waterfalls have to be Watagataki Falls which plunges the entire 30-meter height into the valley below.

How to get to Tedori Gorge

If you’re heading to Hakusan National Park then this is easy to get to gorge and will be en route if you’re heading from the coast.

Lots of parking, and good access to walking trails make this a worthy stop off if you’re in the area.

My Experience with Tedori Gorge

Having wanted to visit Hakusan and it’s many waterfalls, but just being out of season – it meant a detour around a road closure and back on myself to get around Hakusan.

The Tedoir Gorge is well sign posted and is on major road signs so it’s not something you can miss if you’re in the area.

From the first bridge, the view down into the gorge is seriously impressive. Deep-sided cliffs, with fast-flowing turquoise water running through it. The power of water always amazes me and the shapes carved into the rock from thousands of years of erosion is fascinating.

A bit further along from the main car park is the impressive Watagataki Falls. Plunging from the top of the cliffs into the gorge below.

Easily accessible from the steep staircase, this is a seriously impressive and seriously fast flowing set of falls.

Wouldn’t be too out of place in somewhere like Switzerland or Austria.

If you’ve got 20-30 minutes to spare when you’re in and around Hakusan, then this is definitely worthwhile visiting and you won’t be disappointed.

If you’ve any questions about Tedori Gorge, then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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