The Best Cake in the World?

Day 13: Stahlevy to Prague, Czech Republic.

Last nights sleep was a little wonky to say the least. We’d parked the van on a slight angle to make sure the bikes were safe and we didn’t really think it was that off level. Turns out it was and when we got up into our bed, we definitely noticed it. That said, it was peaceful, quiet and a lovely night for our first here in the Czech Republic.

Determined to get up early and into Prague we were awake and having coffee by 715AM. Usual showers, getting dressed and checking Doris over and we were on the road for just after 8AM.

Yesterday I somehow managed to break the drivers chair and now when I lean back into it, it rocks back one notch and terrifies me. Of course I totally forgot about this and when we’d got on to the motorway and Doris was comfortable at 100KMPH I stretched and boom. The chair went and my life flashed before my eyes. Doris will be the death of me, I swear it.

A few missed turnings, a few steep hills and a tight lane later we arrived at our parking place for the evening. We love wild camping. Essentially camping without a camp site, usually a car park or similar. But the freedom, and lack of cost, is appealing. We’ve got enough solar to keep the batteries topped up and everything else is gas, so we’re good for a night without any campsite.

But tonight we knew it’d be better for us to park Doris safely with her friends. Leave her for the day charging and ready to go for tomorrow. 565czk (About £22) later, Doris was parked, hooked up to electricity and ready for her night near the river in Prague. Can’t really believe she’s made it her, but what a girl.

A little light rain deterred out morning plans to get out as soon as possible and into the city. It was just gone the afternoon when it stopped and we managed to catch a break in the rain to go exploring.

The City of Prague

It’s beautiful. That’s probably the only way to sum it up. Beautiful architecture, bridges, rivers, churches, and of course half naked men on a pedal beer bike. Classic Prague. We knew it was going to get busy, it’s a city and it’s Saturday, but regardless of the crowds, it’s a beautiful place to visit.

We’d had a little wander past the dancing house, along the river and were just making it towards the astronomical clock when the heavens opened. Luckily it was in the market square, so we dove for cover under the covers and set to work on postcard and magnet duties. Good timing really!

Nat then had her nosed turned by the famous Chimney Cakes, known as Tredelnik here. A sort of cake/doughnut type dessert with a arrange of toppings or fillings. I went for nuteella in the centre and then ice creamed down the middle. And it was bloody marvellous. Worth every penny of the £4.10 it cost me and definitely comes in as the most expensive thing we’ve brought in 2 weeks!

Like magic, the sun came out, our ice creams started to melt and Prague was looking beautiful once again. We finished out cakes and headed for another wander around the city. Through the Jewish Old quarter, across the Charles bridge and then into the old town and up to the castle. There really is a lot to see here and I’m glad we came in when we did.

No soon after saying lets slowly make the hour or so journey back towards Doris a huge crack of lightening. Unfortunately followed by thunder, dark clouds and more lightening. Even better? All in the direction we were heading.

We got about 20 minutes away from Doris before the heavens fully opened and that was it, we were absolutely drenched. To the bone. It was hilarious. At one point the lightening cracked right in front of where we were heading and the thunder was the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard. It was crazy and cool all at the same time!

Once back in Doris and stripped of our soaking clothes we retired for the evening. We watched Matilda, can you believe I’d never seen it before? Then we had a pizza and a cider each. Not a bad way to round off a cool day visiting and exploring Prague.

Tomorrow we’re heading to the North of Czech as there are some mountains and hiking opportunities we’d like to seek!

Tonights camping location: Prague, Czech. (CamperContact:8642)

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6 Replies to “The Best Cake in the World?”

  1. I’m sorry but I just laughed so much I cryed lou and doris .and that chair .?????????????

    1. I can look back and laugh now but at the time I was writing my will in my head! Hope you’re still having a great time x

  2. Best part of the blog … the shocking fact you’ve never watched Matilda before now ??

    1. You wouldn’t believe what I haven’t seen. Most films pre 2000, I haven’t watched, oops!

  3. Yes having some nice walks . It’s getting hotter .34′ . A little to hot for me .but not complaining. .has the weather picked up for team doris now. Some great photo’s lou.

    1. That’s not a bad temperature is it?! Love it! Thanks Debs appreciate it 🙂 Have a wonderful day x

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