The Dovestone Trinnicles – Hike Guide

Perched high up on Saddleworth moors the Dovestone Trinnicles is one of the most iconic spots in the entire Peak District.

This iconic rock formation which seemingly juts out the side of the moors has been gaining popularity over the recent years due to its beautiful views and relatively easy hike.

Located on the Saddleworth Moors, this hike is definitely one that should be on your Peak District hit list.

With beautiful views over Dovestone Reservoir, this is one of the best walks the Peak District has to offer.

The incredible dovestone trinnicles
The incredible Dovestone Trinnicles

Quick Facts about the Dovestone Trinnicles

  • Distance: Less than 5km out and back
  • Time: 2-3 hours
  • Elevation Gain: 350m
  • Difficulty: Not too difficult, but some elevation gain to be done.
  • Parking: Binn Green Car Park, Oldham OL3 7NN

High Points of the Dovestone Trinnicles

  • Amazing views over Dovestone resevoir.
  • Impressive rock formation that is unlike anything else in the Peaks!
  • Overall an impressive hike with decent views and impressive rocks. Did I just call a rock impressive?

Low Points of the Dovestone Trinnicles

  • Can be busy at times.
  • Attempt the climb of the trinnicle at your own caution.
Scale over the Dovestones

How to get to the Dovestone Trinnicle

If you want the full hike map and guide that I used, you can click here.

The walk from AllTrails is a bigger, and circular route. It depends if you want to make a full day of this or you want to do a half day as I did.

However, for the purpose of this guide, I’ll explain and out an back route that gets you up and down fairly quickly.

Parking is easy, and the Binn Green car park has a lot of space. It is a paid car park, but at the time of going (End of 2022) the Pay and Display wasn’t working. However, it’s no more than a few ¬£ for the day.

Head down the wooded path and over the small brick wall and then head left down towards the Dovestone Reservoir.

Just as you cross the bridge the path heads upwards to your left. Follow this pretty much the entire way and keep the ‘rocks’ to your left. There is a fork in the path, if you choose the left you’ll get a better view of the Trinnicles coming into view. But if you choose the right fork, you’ll be above the Trinnicles on the route, so will keep an eye out for them.

After a short hike up, the trail will flatten out and then it’s just a case of covering enough ground until you come across the famous Dovestone Trinnicles!

Incredible sunset over the Dovestones

My Experience with the Dovestone Trinnicles

I had heard, and seen, the Trinnicles a long time ago. But thought they’d be too difficult to find. Becoming more and more popular because of Instagram and Social media.

I was wrong. They’re relatively easy to find and it’s not a hidden gem you’re going to be wandering around for ages trying to find. That is if you’ve got a sense of direction, and know how to use a map…

The hike itself is enjoyable, not too difficult, but offers some great rewards.

On the day I went the cloud was low, and the visibility wasn’t too great, but the conditions for photography were seemingly amazing. That said, when I finally come across the Trinnicle and climbed them a few times, the weather cleared and was treated to some incredible views over the Dovestone Reservoir.

The scale in this place is crazy and if you get the right conditions, you can see Manchester city center. Which seems so wild given you’re deep in the countryside. The contrast is crazy!

All in all, a worthy hike to do and to tick off.

Would you climb to the top?

Walking the trail

If you’ve any questions about finding the Dovestone Trinnicles then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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