Yuhino Waterfall Hike, Japan

Yuhino Waterfall is a surprising little gem that I didn’t expect to be as nice as it was, but that’s sometimes the beauty of not knowing!

A small waterfall somewhat tucked away somewhere in Japan, this trail, and fall, feels like a tropical paradise. It wouldn’t be too far out of place in somewhere like Maderia, as it definitely has that tropical vibe.

With a small wooded trail that follows the river up hill, you’re then greeted to a cascading fall into a beautiful, and deep, turquoise pool below.

How to get to Yuhino Waterfall

Located not too far from the incredible Hakone, this falls is only possible if you’re got a car.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be getting a bus/train or any other means to here if you have too as personally it wouldn’t be worth the hassle.

There’s plenty of free parking along the route, and you can decide how far you want to walk based upon the parking you choose.

If you choose the parking on the bridge, just follow the road up hill until you reach the campsite, then there’s a trail at the back of the campsite parking lot, that’ll take you directly to the falls.

A small walk from here, across the bridge and then up the small trail through the trees and you’ll reach Yuhino Falls.

My Experience with Yuhino Falls

The first stop on the Japanese road trip was this little waterfall, not really anything spectacular on google maps so wasn’t really sure what to expect.

However, thankfully it exceeded expectations and was absolutely worth the visit.

The trail leading up to the falls is only short, but it equally beautiful. Crossing the river and heading up stream before heading into the trees. You can hear the falls the entire time, and they’re much bigger, and more forceful, than I could have imagined.

Deep vivid greens, beautiful turquoise water and a glorious sun glow – this waterfall wouldn’t look out of place somewhere tropical.

If you’re in the area and have access to a car, then I would definitely recommend visiting as it was a wonderful little waterfall and worth the visit.

If you’ve any questions about Yuhino Falls then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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