Bamford Edge Walk – Peak District

The Bamford Edge walk is potentially the most popular walk in all of the Peak District. The only other walk that attracts more people is Mam Tor. But if I had to choose between the two, then Bamford Edge would win every time.

The views down over Ladybower Reservoir and over towards Snake Pass are second to none and a short, not too-difficult hike gives you big rewards.

If you’re visiting the Peak District and want to tick off one of the many edges, the Bamford Edge walk is for you.

If you can visit in Autumn you’ll be treated to spectacular autumnal colors and wonderful views for miles.

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Quick Facts about the Bamford Edge Walk

  • Distance: Less than 5km
  • Time: 2-3 hours
  • Best travel time: Anytime, but maybe avoid weekends if you want it to be quiet
  • Difficulty: Not difficult at all, some slight elevation
  • Parking: Can either park on the main road and walk all the way up, or drive to the base of the edge.

High Points of the Bamford Edge Walk

  • Incredible views without too much effort
  • Short but rewarding hike
  • Easy tick off in the Peak District

Low Points of the Bamford Edge Walk

  • It is one of the more popular walks, so expect to be joined by others!

How to get to Bamford Edge

I parked on the main road where Ladybower Reservoir is and walked the entire way up. Upon reaching the ‘official’ marker where the trail begins, I realized that there are places to park here too.

Want to turn this into a bigger loop? Easily done you’ll just have to park here.

Maybe you want to do a shorter loop with less elevation? Not a problem, go ahead and park here.

If you’re starting from the bottom it’s not too difficult of a walk up. You’ll follow the main road and then cut through some houses to get into the fields.

Follow the fields to lead you out onto the higher of the two main roads and then follow that all the way up until you come to the official starting point of the hike.

Personally think this is a better way, as when you’ve done the loop, you just follow the trail all the way down and it leads you out at Ladybower.

Here’s the link to AllTrails for the Bamford Edge walk I did.

Click here.

My Experience of Bamford Edge

One of those iconic Peak District places to visit, and definitely a worthwhile day out.

You can make this hike much longer and much more challenging by bagging some extra trigs along the way, but with Bamford edge having so much to offer, I just did this loop.

The stones are mighty impressive and weirdly seem to jut out of the landscape beneath you. Giving you the perfect stepping stone to what is an incredible view of the Ladybower reservoir below.

I timed my visit with a breezy autumnal afternoon and was spoiled with some incredible colours in the woodlands across from Bamford Edge. Oranges, reds, and yellows are all bright and show the autumnal coat that is a photographer’s dream.

All in all, for a short hike (it can be short if you park at the top) this offers incredible views, interesting geology, and a good hike in the Peak District.

What to do after your hike to Bamford Edge

You’re in a great location in the Peak District and it has a lot to offer around you.

Some lunch, or breakfast in Bamford or Hope would be a go-to for sure.

You could drive through the iconic Snake Pass. Visit Derwent water or Ladybower Reservoir.

The most famous place in the Peak District, Winnet’s Pass is just around the corner, you could drive through it or hike to the top of it.

Padley gorge isn’t too far away and is worth a visit if you’re in the area.

All being said, the Peak District offers some of the UK’s best lowland hikes and walks. Talking in quintessential English countryside with some of the most beautiful villages to stop in for coffee and cake whilst you’re out.

If you’ve any questions about the Bamford Edge walk, then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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