Crossing Into the Arctic Circle

Day 14: Kiruna, inside the Arctic Circle, Sweden.

After I’d hit publish on the blog last night we headed out for a little wander and to the lake that was nearby us. For the first time in our trip the sun was not going to set on the same day. How crazy is that? It was due to set at seven minutes past midnight (12:07).

We were out till just before 11 and the sun still looked high and was crazy bright. Its so fascinating and enchanting but it’s really screwing up our sleeping patterns!


Just as we were setting off this morning we watched two little red squirrels playing along the fence into Lappstaden. They’re so much dinkier and cuter than their cousins, the grey squirrel. Looked like they were so much more playful too!

Todays agenda was to drive the hour or so North so that we’d cross into the Arctic Circle. That and hoping to see some more wildlife en route. Hopefully moose, but we’ll take a reindeer or 6!


Crossing into the Arctic Circle

The arctic circle is one of five imaginary circles that run around the earth and are often marked on the map. These are the Equator, tropic of Cancer, tropic of Capricorn, the Antarctic circle and the Arctic circle. It’s co-ordinates are 66′ 33′ 39′.

There are many countries inside the Arctic circle. They include Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Greenland, Iceland (a small island off of Iceland), Canada and Alaska.

Basically, we’re really far North, where it’s dark for 6 months, light for 6 months and is often covered in snow. Thankfully we’re crossing when it’s light, 15 degrees and without a touch of snow!

I can’t actually believe I’ve driven all the way to the Arctic Circle. We’re about 2,000 miles away from home now, and most of that is in a straight line North. I knew we’d get here, it was only a matter of time but now we’re actually here it feels like we’ve made some incredible distance in the past week.

After a little stop in the Arctic Circle centre here in Sweden, just south of Jokkmok. Bashing my elbow in the toilet, scoring a few souvenirs and of course giving Doris a photoshoot crossing the line we called it a day and decided to get back on the road.


We’ve not really done much else than drive and stop today, but that’s fine as it’s good to have days where we cover some big mileage and set ourselves up for some extra time chilling (quite literally) in the top of Norway. Where we plan to eat pasta sauce and all our supplies and hike every day.

Getting hungry we decided to pull in a rest stop, make some food and chill for an hour or so. Low and behold as we finished our dinner a herd of Reindeer came running down the road. At first I thought they were being herded as there seemed to be so many of them, and then I realised they were just running from traffic.

Another 6 reindeer to the new ‘How many reindeers did we see in Doris’ tally and it took us right up to double figures, 10. This time it looked like a male, some females and another two babies. Less scruffy than yesterdays edition, but just as cute and fascinating. I just can’t wrap my head around there being reindeer as road traffic. It’s bewildering and enchanting/magical all at the same time.

After reindeer watching for 10 minutes or so we were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes so time to get back to Doris and head further north towards, Kiruna.

Some exciting news

Not only are we in the Arctic Circle which is exciting news in itself but we’ve been working on some other little bits too.


I’ve had our first designs done and they’re INCREDIBLE. I’ve been thinking and working in the background on these since day one, so it’s awesome to see that they’re nearly done and ready to put on the website. Even more excited to be rocking our own Explore Stronger hoodies soon!

Stay tuned over the next few days as once it’s done it’ll be live and on the website loud and proud. I’m really proud of what we’re creating here and so excited for what the future entails and holds. Especially with the 3 month bike tour of America literally around the corner.

With that said, thank you for your support, your love and you taking the time to read the blog, it really does mean a lot that you’re here so thank you.

Tonights camping location: Kiruna, Sweden.

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  1. Never heard of the sun setting on a different day never even though of it ??that’s mad no wonder your sleeping patterns messed up ? x

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