What idiot travels to the Arctic Circle with only Shorts?

Day 15: Abisko, somewhere really far north in Sweden.

If you were wondering the answer to the question, it’s me. I’m the idiot.

It rained all night. I like the sound of rain but it sounds weird on top of Doris. Kinda noisier, harsher and makes me realise we’re likely stuck inside for the day if it continues.

With the rain, meant low light. This gave us a chance to lie in till around 10AM this morning. We’d usually be annoyed at this but managing to catch up on some sleep and take advantage of the low light, it was fine.

With it being cold and wet outside we got the blankets out, put on the kettle and spent a couple of hours warming up to the fact we’re both going to have to undress to get in the shower. Somewhat of a hard task when you’re warm and comfy!

Showered, caffeinated and ready for the day. There was no surprise we were heading further North and towards Kiruna. We stayed outside of Kiruna last night so we wanted to head into the centre to stock up on some food, diesel and bits.

One thing I realised before we left? This idiot has absolutely not trousers whatsoever. Probably not the best of ideas before spending the next 3 weeks inside the Arctic circle.

Just over an hour on the road and Doris had made it to Kiruna. Typically it was still raining. Thankfully we were warm and dry inside of Doris! Dinner done, more cups of tea and a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad to give the rain a chance to ease off. Thankfully it did and then we headed further North towards Abisko.


The Beautiful Abisko

Abisko is a national park here in the Northern most part of Sweden. Home to more moose and reindeer than humans and what a beautiful place it is indeed.

Home also to the famous Kungsladen hiking trail. Over 440KM long and Abisko is either the start or the finish depending on whether you hike North or South. Crossing several mountains, Swedens highest being one, and covering 240 miles of beautiful Swedish wilderness it’s definitely been added to the never ending list of things to do before we run out of money.

We stopped at the start of the trail head and there is a hotel, cafe, restaurant and some other amenities making it a good choice when in desolate wilderness.

Fortunately the rain had given us a break and we could get out and explore the close by Saami village and the incredible gorge that comes right past the tourist centre.

The rock here looks like it’s been sanded by hand. Curving and as smooth as butter. It’s incredible that the power of water has done this over thousands of years. That and the melting and freezing of water too. Some of the clearest and purist water I’ve ever seen comes cascading down through this gorge, fresh from the surrounding mountains.

Looked a bit too furious and cold for me to contemplate dipping my hand in for a taste!

It’s easy to see why this place is home to one of the most famous hiking trails in Europe, if not the world. The untouched wilderness and beauty this place has to offer right next to the tourist centre, makes you wonder what’s out there along the trail, doesn’t it?

There was also some history and replica Saami buildings. Interesting to see the different types of building for either different seasons (Summer or Winter) and for their different uses. These ones aren’t in use, like those in Lappstaden, but they’re a great reminder of this countries heritage and culture.


Cycling Across America

We’re officially cycling across America next month. Can you believe that? Good, because I can’t either. Apprehensive, excited, nervous, scared, it’s a weird mixture of emotions of what life is going to be like for 3 whole months cycling everyday and sleeping in a tent.

For me though, this is what life should be made of. Chapters of life where you can look back and be proud you were different. Proud that you did something that put you outside of your comfort zone. Proud that you had the determination and grit to finish something you started. Proud that you took the chance whilst you were fit and healthy to do so. This is what adventure is for me.



Because one day I won’t be able too.

Tonights sleeping location: Abisko National Park, Sweden. (CamperContact: Click Here)

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