Fisherman’s Path in Snowdonia

You’ve seen the pictures of the Fisherman’s Path in Snowdonia online, and you’re here to find it for yourself.

Although the alure of visiting these hidden gems is high, sometimes it’s not all that practical. Especially give that most are on private land, and or are in a state of decay or disrepair so offer potential risks to the adventurer.

We’re sad to see that the Fisherman’s path is no longer and the council agrred the only option was to remove the ladders from the riverside to prevent a potential accident from happening.

My Experience with the Fisherman’s Path

As with all great, hidden, spots they eventually get too popular, or a small minority ruin it for others.

In this case, however, it’s mostly down to actual risk than it is being anything else. Granted the added foot fall from people posting this place on social media has quickened the rate of decline, it is sad to see it go.

Was there perhaps potential to turn this small, but cool, site into something more safe and keep it going for a long time?

That’ll be the question posed, I guess.

However, personally, I don’t think it could have been saved. Especially given it’s location, on one of the busiest, and most deadly, roads in Snowdonia. Possible places to park are limited and that in itself was one of the biggest issues.

As mentioned, it is sad that this place will be gone forever, but it’s a fine line with hidden gems. Those who gate keep them because they don’t want to share their secrets because they now have a heightened self worth, and those that do want to share them because they want others to enjoy their beauty too.

I’ve sat on both sides of the fence, and ultimately, I am part of the problem that’ll never be solved.

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