Lake Motosu View – Mount Fuji

If you’re looking for an amazing spot to view Mount Fuji then the Fuji Five Lake area is always going to be a good starting point. More specifically, Lake Motosu. One of the smaller of the five lakes, but personally I think one of the best views.

With beautiful calm waters, you can get a full reflection of Mount Fuji in the water.

You can swim, paddleboard, kayak, cycle or walk around and even camp on the shores of Lake Motosu. Whatever your adventure, it’s definitely worth a visit.

How to get to Lake Motosu 

Lake Motosu is the most easterly of the five lakes in the Fuji area and is the second smallest. Despite not being the largest, it’s 122m deep at its deepest point, which makes me question what could be lurking in the waters below Mt Fuji.

Accessible by train, by bus and by car within a few hours of Tokyo, visiting the Fuji Five lake area is one of the most popular day trips.

Personally would recommend hiring a car and doing all the lakes in one big loop as they’re all beautiful in their own right.

With Lake Motosu you can drive right up on to the shore, pitch a tent and stay the night in the local camping ground.

My Experience with Lake Motosu

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t perfect for the conditions I wanted when visiting Motosu, however, they were clear enough for the view of Fuji. Definitely cannot complain.

An entire drive around the lake takes 15-20 minutes, but with stop-off, pictures, and maybe a picnic you could make it last a few hours.

Had I of known you could rent boards and kayaks at the lake, I’d have brought a change of clothes and gone for a paddle to get closer to Fuji.

However, the small beach walk and drive around the lake was more than worthy of the visit, and is definitely one of the better lakes out of the five.

If you’re visiting Fuji and want to see the best lake view, I’d personally recommend Lake Motosu.

If you’ve any questions about Lake Motosu then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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