Flakstadtind Hike Guide – Lofoten, Norway

Flakstadtind is one of those mountains that when you drive passed it you’re mesmerized by its beauty. If you were to draw a mountain, you’d draw Flakstadtin.

A perfect pyramid in shape, it almost looks like it is impossible to climb. But you’d be wrong.

One of the easier hikes on the Lofoten, with it, only being a small summit. It doesn’t compromise in views.

If you’re visiting the Lofoten Islands and want a fantastic hike with prominent Lofoten views, then make sure the impressive Flakstadtind is on the list.

Boardwalks all the way

Quick Facts about the Flakstadtind Hike

  • Distance:¬†Less than 2km
  • Time: 1-2 hours
  • Best travel time: Anytime, but maybe avoid wild Norweigian weather!
  • Difficulty:¬†Nothing out of the ordinary. 450m of elevation gain.
  • Parking: Anywhere in Flakstad.
Looking down over Ryten

High Points of the Flakstadtind Hike

  • Incredible views down over Flakstad
  • Short and quick height with massive rewards at the summit
  • Usually a quiet trail
  • Views over crystal clear waters and white sand. IN THE ARCTIC!

Low Points of the Flakstadtind Hike

Trail worsens as you get towards the summit and is difficult in places.

One of the bridges from Fredvang to Innersand

How to get to the Flakstadtind Hike

Drive through and into Flakstad tind.

There’s a small parking space on the E10 where the massive powerline is. But if you cannot park here, there are a few more spaces further down the road, but require a short walk back.

Starting at the powerline, take the kissing gate through the field and follow the well-worn trail.

The trail leads up around the back of the mountain and towards the summit.

The trail is easy to follow and starts gradually before getting steeper toward the summit.

Towards the top of the trail, it’s a little worn and can be loose in places so just take your time and go easy.

Here’s the AllTrails guide I followed to summit Flakstadtind. Click here.

My Experience of the Flakstadtind Hike

I chose a beautiful Lofoten autumn morning to take on Flakstadtind and was rewarded with incredible views all over the archipelago.

The hike itself isn’t too difficult and an easy trail meanders its way up around the back of the mountain.

Impressive views over the fjord below, and of one incredible mountain, Stortinden.

The small scramble toward the summit was super fun, and an enjoyable way to end a short hike.

Don’t underestimate the smaller peaks in the Lofoten. Regardless of their height, you’re pretty much guaranteed incredible panoramic views over lakes, white sand beaches, and all of the other incredible peaks.

The Secret Cabin

If you’ve any questions about the Flakstadtind Hike then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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