Offersoykammen Hike in the Lofoten

One of the smaller, but not to be underestimated peaks, the Offersoykammen hike offers some of the best panoramic views anywhere in the Lofoten. That is, of course, if you manage to get some beautiful blue skies and not Norwegian clouds!

Situated near Leknes, it’s easy to overlook this peak as it’s not too high. Standing at a small 427m, that means it’s a short hike, but always a rewarding one in the Lofoten.

With views over several incredible beaches, inlets of the Arctic Ocean, and some of the most famed jagged Lofoten peaks.

It’s easy to add the Offersoykammen hike into your Lofoten itinerary, whichever direction you’re heading in.

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Quick Facts about the Offersoykammen Hike

  • Distance: Less than 3km
  • Time: 1-2 hours
  • Best travel time: Try and choose a good visibility day as with any hike on the Lofoten!
  • Difficulty:¬†Nothing crazy, just straight elevation from the road to the summit.
  • Parking: In the lay-by at “Skreda” – Flesveien 480, 8372 Gravdal, Norway

High Points of the Offersoykammen Hike

  • One of the smaller and easier to reach summits
  • Incredible panoramic views as with anywhere in the Lofoten
  • Often forgotten about in place of other more popular Lofoten hikes
  • Great parking at Skreda. Water and toilets available.

Low Points of the Offersoykammen Hike

Slippery in the wet, be careful.

How to get to the Offersoykammen Hike

If you park in the layby called “Skreda” you’ll have a great access point for the Offersoykammen Hike.

A short road walk will take you to the trailhead and from there it’s the easiest trail to follow.

It winds its way through the low treeline, before eventually coming out above the trees to reveal stunning Lofoten landscapes around you.

From here it’s a really worn and straightforward route to the Summit.

Once at the summit, the views are incredible for such a short and easy-to-reach summit.

Here’s the link to the AllTrails guide I used to reach the summit.

Click here.

My Experience of hiking the Offersoykammen

I very nearly didn’t do this hike because of its relative ease and small summit height. After spending the morning in the van, after a night at Skreda, the weather cleared up enough to tempt me to the summit.

The short hike is well worth it as the rewarding summit views are nothing short of incredible.

Parking, and staying overnight, at Skreda is well worth it if you’re in the van. The views are incredible over towards Leknes, and there are toilets and fresh water should you need it.

Don’t nearly skip on the Offersoykammen just because of its relatively small height in comparison to others.

Instead, stomp up it nice and quick and realise that it was indeed worth it!

If you’ve any questions about hiking the Offersoykammen, then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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