Home for the next 25 days

Now before you say it, no this is not Bertha and as much as we’d love her to be our first big van life adventure, she’s not, this big girl is.

Meet Kiki!

Today we travelled from Auckland to Christchurch to collect her from Kia Ora Campers.

The flight down was absolutely beautiful. Literally flying above Jurassic Park. Incredible views and landscapes every bit of the flight ?

From there we picked up Kiki, checked her over, drove the the nearest supermarket and stocked up…

…on Whittaker’s chocolate bars ?

We are having some issues with our phones and the crazy prices they’re charging us for 3G so we have had a few pit stops for free WiFi etc (we have sorted these issues now!).

From Christchurch we drove south to a town called Timaru. It’s lovely here. A coastal delight! With a Pak n Save which is basically Lidl on steroids. It also has a beach where penguins live, crazy, huh? Unfortunately the penguins only come onto the beach during the dark which here is past our bedtimes!

Regardless we parked Kiki in a freedom camping spot, rustled up some dinner and had ourselves twenty winks. We then headed into town along the coastal path for the evening to get some steps in and see if we could stay out late enough for the penguins…

…we couldn’t!

Great first day spent in Kiki and can’t wait for the next few weeks of exploring every inch of the South Island of New Zealand

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