Stopped by the NZ police

Today started with our first campervan toilet experience… at 4AM! Safe to say it was hilarious. Picture us clambering down a tiny ladder, both half asleep and, both needing the toilet at the same time.

Today also meant our first shower experience with limited space and water. I’m one of those people that like to stand in the show and thing of productive things I’m going to do that day, which never end up happening because I’m still in the shower 45 minutes later. That said, morning showers we OK.

Once we had cleaned up, had coffee, tidied the van and had a quick pit stop in Aldis big brother we hopped back on the road and heading south. Heading towards the moeraki boulders.

These boulders are mysteriously on the shore line. Some of them are huge whilst others are incredible smooth and perfectly spherical.

From here we headed further south towards Dunedin and the worlds only albatross colony. Unfortunately we didn’t see any but the journey down was a story in itself.

Imagine a Snowdonia lane, in a 7M campervan that isn’t yours, but teetering onto an aggressive sea for 25KM. Me being me assessed traffic and weaving in an out of these lanes like I would do at home…

…wrong! It’s illegal to do this in NZ.

As we arrived at the albatross colony and headed into the information centre we saw a police car drive up into the car park, we joked that it was for us as we’d not long full sent a 3.5T campervan over a speed bump and nearly sent us into the ocean.

Funnily enough, it was for us, well me. But it wasn’t for the full send, more driving illegally for nearly 15KM. The police officer was decent and just informed me that I was in the wrong, little slap on the wrist and he was away.

Sorry Mum!

The day finished with an incredible sunset, decent burgers and finally a decent sleep.

Tomorrow, we go further south!

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