Igidae Coastal Hike in Busan

The Igidae Coastal Walk in Busan is one of the most famous walks, and for good reason. Taking in the dramatic coastline that Busan offers, with the backdrop of the amazing skyline, the incredible Gwangan Bridge and finishing at the Oryukdo Skywalk. It offers something for everyone.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect of the ocean here in Busan. Given it’s a busy port, and the city itself is the second biggest in South Korea. But I can tell you what I didn’t expect, and that for the water to be as clear, and as beautiful as it was.

The trail itself is well marked, easy to follow and is reminded me of a coastal walk in the paradise island that is Maderia. Weaving its way along the dramatic coastline, climbing up the steep cliffsides to meander through the forests, only to come back out again overlooking some incredible rock formations and the waves below.

If you’re in Busan then the Igidae Coastal hike is absolutely something you must do!

How to get to the Igidae Coastal Walk

Right near the Gwangan Bridge, this is an accessible walk whether you’re in a car, or using the public transport system here in South Korea.

It’s possible to park at the trail head, but if it’s an out and back walk you’re doing you might have get the bus back to the starting point.

That being said, I got to the closest metro station, and then walked from there to the start of the hike which is listed below.

My Experience with Igidae Coastal Hike

With the weather once again not playing ball, I didn’t expect to wake up after an entire day of rain to one of the most beautiful days I’ve had whilst travelling.

Perfect blue skies, a light wind and none of that Vietnamese humidity.

Perfect weather for a coastal walk!

I hadn’t originally planned to do this walk, but I didn’t fancy a 10-miler so thought that this short walk would be a better option. It’s listed as easy on AllTrails (Which is absolutely not correct) so thought it would be better to spend the time here instead.

Like previously mentioned, I didn’t have any expectations coming into this hike, but what I can absolutely tell you for certain is I didn’t expect it to be as beautiful as it is. Wow!

The dramatic coastline is one thing.

The incredible city scape is another.

Gwangan bridge is an incredible feat of engineering.

Then the water. OH THE WATER.

I’ve honestly not seen clearer, more blue water in a long time. Absolutely beautiful and so unexpected on the shores of South Korea’s second largest city.

The trail itself was easy to follow, in typical Korea fashion, there’s a boardwalk and stairs all along the route. With it following the coastline, jumping up the cliff into the forest besides the ocean, and then weaving its way back to the cliffside again.

After a few miles you’ll have finished the trail, expect it to take longer than your usual pace. Most places are a bit tight for passing, so there’s some waiting. Also to be expected on a Sunday afternoon.

That, and you’ll be stopping to take photos at every chance you get!

Walking to the Oryukdo Skywalk

The Igidae Coastal hike takes you right to the Oryukdo Skywalk. A glass platform elevated above the sea, giving you a full perspective of what’s below.

Entrance is free, and it’s worth doing, but I didn’t think it was anything spectacular.

The best bit was sliding on the little slippers they give you to protect the glass beneath you. We’ve got Blackpool Skytower, no piece of glass is ever going to match up to that National Treasure.

If you’ve any questions about the Igidae Coastal Hike then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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