The Weekly #022 – Beautiful Busan

Back to Busan after a wonderful little side quest to Jeju and climbing South Korea’s highest mountain, Hallasan.

The plan for this week was unwritten, and I was just going to wing it to see how it went. Debating between either going up to Jirisan, another national park here in Korea. Or just sticking around Busan and ticking off a few hikes here instead.

The major planning factor was going to be the weather and what it was going to bring for me.

After a few days of rain, it brightened up, and I decided to stick around the city for a little longer.

The Oldest Fortress in Korea

It’s either the oldest or the largest. I cannot remember, but it was a 10 miler when the weather decided to brighten up and offer me clear skies to hike in.

Weirdly, since being here in Korea it’s been either raining and cold, or clear and warm. Nothing in between. This is not a bad thing as it’s either indoor or outdoor activities for the day and you’re golden.

The fortress hike would be a big day, taking in some of the best sights Busan has to offer.

A wonderful temple, 4 old gates that guarded a fortress, the longest wall in Korea, and one of the most summited peaks in Busan.

The hike itself was wildly better than I could have imagined. You’re in a city of nearly 4 million people. With every sense being overloaded, to hiking in the serene nature and solitude that the mountains can offer within 20 minutes. A wild contrast for sure.

Impressive views over the incredible peaks that surround the city of Busan, but also down to the city itself. Wild to think that when you’re down in the city, some of the buildings are absolutely towering above you. Now you’re towering above them and they look like small dots on the skyline below.

The Miami of Asia

I’d read somewhere that Busan is often referred to as the Miami of Asia, well more specifically, Korea.

I can understand why now.

Another couple of days rain meant plotting the next adventure, and also plans for returning home. But once the skies cleared and the sun donned his cap, it was time to head to the coast.

Busan has an amazing mixture of city life, mountain escapes, and a rugged, remote coastline. 10 minutes down by the ocean and you can see why they do indeed call it the Miami of Asia.

Once again the kindness of strangers here always blows me away. I’ve experienced some wonderful hospitality all over the world but there’s something about the raw kindness the Koreans”s possess that’ll change your perspective on humanity.

I mean, wandering around the metro station like a big dumb, Welsh idiot, is one way to attract attention. But in fairness, people always say they’re intimidated by me, so for strangers to come up to me and ask if I am lost, or do I need help is always surprising.

One guy, and his girlfriend, asked if they could help. Of course, they could. They proceeded to walk me through the metro, in the opposite direction from where they were heading. To safely ensure I got the right train.

You’d probably just get stabbed or spat on in Rhyl station.

Monk Mode Week 9

This week has been a bit laborious and at times I’ve thought about packing it all in, as I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone but myself. But these are the moments when it’s important to fly the flag and continue to tick the boxes.

If you’re unfamiliar with Monk Mode it’s basically 90 days of trying to commit to the following:

– Create a video every day
– Write an article everyday
– Run 1 mile every day

Creation not Consumption

I’ve had some time off of ‘Travel content’ and I’m enjoying getting back into the bread and butter of my passion for fitness.

It’ll be good to get back into travel content when I am back in the van. I’m really excited about the summer ahead.

Writing daily

It’s been a little easier this week with multiple adventures done and ticked off, and I’ve got to use this as a reminder to continually do things.

That’s what photography was all about, a purposeful act to help adventure.

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One Mile a Day

I’m actually enjoying running, despite having chocolate knees. It’ll be good to swap daily running, for a shorter, and longer run twice per week when this is over. But I’m most definitely benefiting from the mile.

Two big hikes this week and I felt good, and strong, despite not being as HillFit as I have been in the past.

The next adventure…

One final week in South Korea before flying over to Japan to finish off the nearly 6-month Asian Adventure.

It’s been a rollercoaster, and I can’t quite believe that I’ll be heading home soon. It feels surreal that it’s almost done and dusted.

That said, what started out as one year to travel the world before turning 30 has not turned into traveling the world indefinitely.

A full summer schedule, some BIG adventures for the Autumn, and then hopefully some Arctic exploration to begin 2024.

But for now, it’s back to Gyeongju to spend a few days with Sena (Ivy) before heading back North for one final dance in Seoul.

Till then.

Explore Strong.

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