Jeongbang Waterfall – Jeju, South Korea

Jeongbang Waterfall is one of the only waterfalls in the whole of Asia that falls directly into the ocean. Cascading 23m down from the cliffside, and tumbling down straight into the East China Sea.

An impressive waterfall amongst the tall cliffside, and when rainfall has been prominent this waterfall can get up to 8m wide.

Unfortunately, the only thing that was 8m wide when I visited was the line of people wanting to see one of Korea’s best waterfalls for themselves.

However, despite the number of visitors, this attracts. There is absolutely no denying it’s a wonderful waterfall and definitely one worth visiting if you’re on Jeju Island.

How to get to the Jeongbang Waterfall

Located in the south part of Jeju Island, the waterfall is really easy to get to and doesn’t require too much of a hike. Bonus!

Make sure you get a ticket from the booth, and then you’ll follow the stairs down towards the cliffs and the sea.

The waterfall can be seen directly from here, and if you get here early enough that there aren’t too many people on the rocks in front of the falls, it’ll make for a great shot.

The stairs can get slippery when it rains, and I have read that they’ll close this waterfall off if that’s the case.

Entrance to Jeongbang Waterfall costs just 2000 won (£1.20) and is well worth the entrance fee. Watch out for snakes in and around the grounds of the waterfall though, it is reported that Korea has one of the most deadly vipers in all of Asia!

My Experience with the Jeongbang Waterfall

Not really expecting much of this waterfall given that it is close to the city, and also not that big. But I was genuinely surprised by how impressive the falls are. Even on a busy Saturday morning!

That’s my only suggestion for visiting the waterfall. Don’t come on a Saturday, it’ll get busy. Very busy!

Instead, try and get here early morning when it first opens, or during the weekday. It’ll have fewer people and you’ll get some great pictures of the waterfalls cascading down the cliffside into the sea below.

If you’re in Jeju, it’s definitely worth the visit.

If you’ve any questions about the Jeongbang Waterfall then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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