Oedolgae Cliff Walk – Jeju, South Korea

Oedolgae Cliff Walk might be one of the most unexpected walks in the whole of South Korea. If like me, you really didn’t know what to expect from South Korea, then this incredible coastline in Jeju will definitely surprise you.

Honestly, it feels like you’ve been transported to a tropical paradise somewhere in Europe. This small volcanic island in the south of South Korea is an absolute paradise. The Oedolgae cliff walk is no exception.

Weaving around the dramatic coastline, with small secluded beaches, incredible rock formations, caves, and other wonderful sights to see.

If you’re visiting Jeju island, then you must do the Oedolgae Cliff Walk as it’s unlike anything I expected from South Korea.

How to get to the Oedolgae Cliff Walk

Located in the southern part of Jeju. The Oedolgae Cliff Walk is easy to find and has a wonderful, and accessible trail for all to follow.

A beautiful boardwalk meanders its way around the dramatic coastline that is found on the south part of Jeju Island.

As in normal Korean fashion. The trail, and boardwalk, are exceptionally done, easy to follow, and have lots of interesting stopping points along the walk that you can peek out over the coastline below you.

There’s no specific walk here, but if you’re interested in spending a few hours by the sea, you can just continue to follow the trail for as long as it goes.

There is parking when you arrive at the Google location for the Oedolgae and then you can jump off and jump on at any point.

I walked from my hotel and spent 90 minutes just wandering around and being aimlessly thrown out of sync by being stopped to take in the incredible scenery.

My Experience with the Oedolgae Cliff Walk

I didn’t really know what to expect when visiting yet another pinnacle in the sea. Having seen them in many countries across the world, was it going to be a letdown?

I decided to walk down at sunset one evening and see it for myself. Unlike most other countries where the rock formation is the only thing you get to see, here on Jeju Island the boardwalk is interesting enough, even without the history of the rock itself.

Whether I timed it right with the sunsetting over the volcanic island I stood upon, or the actual coastline was outstandingly beautiful either way, it was absolutely worth the walk down.

The trail, and boardwalk, are superbly done and are easy to follow along the edge of the cliff. There are many beaches, inlets, rock formations, beautiful turquoise waters, and amazing sights to stop and see.

If you’re visiting Jeju, then I would recommend heading down to the coast on the South side of the island and taking in as much of it as you can.

If you’ve any questions about the Oedolgae Cliff Walk then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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