Joren Waterfall Guide – Japan

Joren Waterfall is one of the most unique waterfalls I have ever been to. Not because of the waterfall itself, but because they use the fresh spring water from the falls to grow Wasabi right next to the river.

Unsure of how cool this place would be, and seeing it listed as one of the ‘Best 100’ waterfalls in Japan, I wasn’t filled with too much hope.

Jored waterfalls do not disappoint and if you want to fish for some trout, and eat some fresh wasabi whilst you’re visiting – you can!

How to get to Joren Waterfall

Located in a beautiful part of Shizuoka island, this place is worthwhile driving too as the scenery is breathtaking the entire way!

There’s parking at the falls and lots of busses so I imagine public transport is easy to use to reach the falls themselves.

My Experience with Joren Waterfall

Having not really researched or looked at this waterfall, I totally didn’t know what to expect.

It was relatively busy when I arrived, so knew that it was going to be worthwhile as so many people can’t be that wrong about a waterfall.

After a short hike down some stairs, you reach the falls themselves. A loud, fast-flowing, and forceful waterfall into a beautiful pool below. Incredible pillared rocks were formed millions of years ago due to the volcanic activity in the area.

What’s most cool about Joren Waterfall is the fact they grow wasabi next to the river, and you can also rent rods to catch and cook trout!

The wasabi farm was really interesting, however, not enjoying the taste it certainly wasn’t going to be the day I tried to like Wasabi!

If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth visiting as the falls themselves are really impressive. But the surrounding landscape, and wasabi farm were most interesting for me!

If you’ve any questions about Joren Waterfall hen drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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