Mount Fuji’s Best Angle? Honcho Street

If you’ve ever googled Mount Fuji then you would have most definitely seen the incredible street view you can get. I’m here to show you exactly where that street is, and how you can see this incredible view for yourself.

As a side note, I spent 3 days in Fuji and for the first 50 hours, I didn’t see a thing. If I didn’t know Fuji was there, I’d have never known that Japan’s most iconic mountain was looming behind me…

…SO much so that on day one I actually took a photo down the WRONG street in preparation for seeing the real deal.

Personally, this is one of the best views of Fuji I managed to see, and absolutely worth the trip to see her up close!

How to get the best view of Fuji

This is a real, and genuine view from the street in Shimoyoshida Honcho Street! It’s in a small town and is close to the Fuji Five Lakes.

The view itself is in the middle of the town and is easily missed unless you’ve got a clear day and can see Fuji anyway.

It’s a short distance to the famous Pagoda, so definitely worth visiting if you’re here.

My Experience with Shimoyoshida Honcho Street

After spending 2 days in Fuji without seeing the mountain itself, I was getting a little disheartened that I might not get to see it at all.

Thankfully on my final day, day 3, the skies cleared and Fuji appeared on the skyline.


The lone volcano stands a massive 3778m tall, which is nearly four times the height of Snowdon. With nothing else in close proximity, this absolutely dominates the skyline from wherever you are.

Honcho street view is absolutely unreal, and if you’ve got a long enough lens, the compression you can get here is nuts.

Just a word of caution that the road is obviously in use, and there are a lot of signs telling you to avoid the road. Even at 6AM when I visited there were a few dancers, and people standing in the middle of the road so most definitely go early if you want to get a good shot.

If you’ve any questions about Shimoyoshida Honcho Street then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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