More caves and blue water waves! ? 

Friday 25th January 2019.

Usual morning for the “Van life” this morning. Refilling water, emptying water and of course emptying the toilet. It’s weird how these jobs are satisfying as you know it’s been done and you’re good for 3-4, even 5, days!

We were heading to the Coromandel peninsular this morning. A windy drive up and over the mountains and to the rugged Pacific coastline. First on the list was cathedral cove.

Now I realise it’s been quite cold at home, eh? Sorry about this next bit. This mornings hike was made difficult in the 26/28 degree heat but we managed… JUST! ?

The hike over to Cathedral cove was a pretty steep one, well very steep actually. It weaves and bobs it’s way over the coast line and eventually down to a beautiful white sand beach.

From the entrance of the hike you’re pretty much greeted with an enormous cave (cathedral is an apt name) which has some impressive views through to the islands in the bay.

Next stop was hot water beach, about 5 KM away, so a short drive and we were there. Apparently it’s a 10x10m part of the beach that when a hole is dug the water underneath is hot. Natures hot tubs if you will. However when we arrived it was packed, looked like Rhyl sea front when the weather tips 15 degrees! We decided to move on and not bother.

Our stop for the night was in the town of Coromandel. Weirdly a drive way of a man from Scotland who rents it out to camper vans for $10 a go.

A quiet night and a walk down to the bay picking up boysenberry ice creams on the way back. Oh the hard life, eh.

Hope you have a great weekend! ❤️

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