Saturday 26th January, 2019.

Today was our last full day in the motorhome, not our last day here in New Zealand but still feels a little sad!

Regardless we wanted to make the most of our final day with some beaches, waterfalls and views. Which we did.

First stop of the day was to get across the country in a 2 hour drive (plus some change) and get to the West coast.

We made it over for an early lunch and set off on a lovely coastal walk which turned out to be steeper than we anticipated. An hour later and some high cliffs later we stumbled back to the van hot and sweaty!

Next up was the beach walk of Piha beach and Kite Kite waterfall.

The beach is a black sand beach, similar to Iceland but with the way the tide was gave us a lovely reflective surface. We walked along the beach and questioned whether or not to walk up to the top of the lions head, which we chose not to in the end. I was still sweating from the coast walk 2 hours earlier?

Next stop was the waterfall track. Of which it has only recently been reopened due to the dying of a local tree. Strong measures have been put into place to save this tree and you have to wash your feet before you walk the track. Apparently non native tree seeds are being transferred and planted without people knowing. Thus killing the native trees.

The waterfall trek was as beautiful as we now expect from New Zealand and the waterfall was equally as beautiful. This had a lovely pool at the bottom that I had considered going for a dip in…

…until I peered over the edge and was greeted by a rather large eel. No thank you!

That’s it. We parked up somewhere lovely for our final night. Nat cooked up another storm which she has the entire holiday. We watched Harry potter and went to bed. This van life has been hard, y’know?!

We are dropping her back in the morning so a few van essentials to be done and then she’s back home.

What a way to explore New Zealand ? 

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