Mount Freemont Lookout Hike – Washington

Want one of the best views of Mt Rainier? The Mount Freemont Lookout hike is what you need to do, and it’s one of the more accessible hikes you can do to get an unobstructed and amazing view over one of my favourite mountains in the world.

Mt Rainier National Park is home to one of the best mountains in the whole world, Mt Rainier. An active volcano standing at a staggering 4392m.

If you’re in Washington then this is a must-visit area, and you cannot miss it if you’re here.

Thankfully if you’ve not got too much time on your hands, then this hike is one you can do in half a day and experience some of what Mt Rainier has to offer.

How to get to Mount Freemont Lookout Hike

Starting at Sunrise car park in Mount Rainier National Park the hike starts directly behind the toilets and the trail is easy to follow and is signposted along the way.

If you’re coming from Seattle, head to Enumclaw and then stay on 410 for about 50 miles until you get to the National Park.

Then head up to the Sunrise car park where you’ll start the hike.

Make sure you leave early as this can get filled quickly on a nice day and is important to get a trail that’s a little bit more quiet, too!

My Experience with Fremont Lookout Fire Tower

I fell in love with Rainier on my first visit in 2019 and always wanted to go back since that trip. It’s quite honestly one of the best mountains I have ever seen.

Getting up close to it genuinely brought tears to my eyes. The drive through the national park and to the sunrise car park is one of the best roads I’ve ever driven on, and its views are unmatched.

The hike itself wasn’t too difficult and is an easy trail to follow. You might have a chance of seeing Marmots, which are alpine creatures that are wonderful to watch. Listen out for their little noises, they’re so cute!

Once you’ve stopped taking pictures and gawping at the incredible landscapes you’re now immersed in, you’ll reach the lookout tower.

Once a former watch tower for fires, now offers an incredible panoramic vista of all the mountains in the PNW.

It’s truly a hike you have to do to believe, but there layers of mountains here are unmatched anywhere in the world and the PNW is truly one of the wildest places I have ever been.

If you’ve any questions about Fremont Fire Lookout hike, then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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