Multnomah Falls – Oregon

If you google waterfalls in the USA, you’re very likely to come across Multnomah Falls as this is one of the most popular, and most famous waterfalls in all of the USA. Rightly so too, incredibly impressive, and split over two levels this waterfall attracts 100’s of thousands each and every year.

Located right on the Oregon and Washington border line, in a place often referred too as waterfall road. Multnomah is a must-visit if you’re in Northern Oregon or you’re visiting the Southern side of Washington state.

Free falling from 189m this is an impressive waterfall to stand under, and an even more impressive one to climb to the top of.

Multnomah falls requires a permit in peak season to visit the falls themselves, as the access road in and out isn’t big enough to accomodate the footfall this incredible waterfall attracts.

How to get to Multnomah Falls, Oregon

After driving all the way through Oregon especially to see this set of falls, we very nearly didn’t get to see them as we didn’t realise there was permits in place to visit.

A nice chat, and some British charm won the ranger over and he let us drive through and see the falls.

They’re right off of the main road and can be seen from the i Highway but the closer you get, the better.

My Experience with Multnomah Falls

Despite not realising we needed a permit to get through to the falls themselves, after a quick chat with the ranger he told us we could drive through and not stop at the falls.

We’d come a long way to see the falls so managed to find somewhere to park up and head back along the road to see the falls for ourselves.

Deciding that the hike up to the top of the falls would be worth it, and it absolutely was. Despite Kyland regretting it for most of the hike, he changed his tune when we had reached the top, and agreed it was well worth it.

These impressive falls are tiered and separated by a bridge in the middle. Probably one of the most photographed bridges in the whole of the US. But there’s some dark history to these falls too.

In 1995 a bus-sized piece of rock fell from the upper falls and injured 20 people in the process. It forever changed the shape of the upper falls, and you can see where the rock was dislodged to this day.

Sadly, a few weeks after we visited these falls in July of 2022, a hiker also plummeted to her death from 100ft as she lost her footing off of the trail and fell into the falls below her.

Despite the obvious risks and danger, this is still one of the most visited falls in all of the USA, and it’s easy to see why.

I would imagine revisiting this place in fall would be absolutely magical. Not only because of the fall colours, but also because it would likely be less busy and having this incredible wonder of the world to yourself would be pretty special.

If you’re visiting Oregon, or even Washington, state, then this is a must visit waterfall on your list.

If you’ve any questions about Multnomah Falls, then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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