Tamanawas Falls Hike – Mt Hood

After spending 2 weeks on a road trip through the East Coast of America, Tamanawas Falls Hike might be one of the best and most memorable hikes of the entire trip.

Not only is the hike one of the most fun I’ve done. Weaving in and out of deep woodland, following a glacier-like river, and being surrounded by Mount Hood, the reward at the end is absolutely worth every step of the hike.

The Tamanawas Falls are some of the most impressive falls I’ve seen in the USA, and could quite easily be in somewhere like Iceland or Norway and look like they belong in the countries known for their waterfalls.

The hike is spectacular, although I wouldn’t recommend doing it in flip-flops like my best friend did. But the drive into this area, and taking in Mount Hood is one of the most spectacular drives I’ve had anywhere in the world…

…and I’ve been fortunate enough to drive the length of New Zealand, and Norway, road trip all through Europe and in most of south east Asia.

There’s something like a volcano on the horizon that just sends your jaw through the floor and your phone glued to the windscreen.

How to get to Tamanawas Falls – Mt Hood

Located near Mt Hood in Oregon, this is one of the best bits of the entire 4000 mile road trip I did in the USA.

With Mt Hood on one side of you, and Mt St Helens on the other side, this will be one of the most memorable drives of your entire life.

The trailhead has parking, and toilets and then there’s a bit of a hike (not challenging) to get to the falls themselves. Better to be safe than sorry and take everything you would do for a day hike.

My Experience with Tamanawas Falls

Not really knowing what to expect from this hike and waterfall but it is safe to say it fully exceeded all of my expectations.

The trail itself meanders through beautiful woodland and follows the stream upriver. Some water crossings over some cool bridges and then a small section of scrambling. It’s really easy to lose a sense of time whilst on this hike as it is so scenic the entire way up.

Once you’ve done around 80% of the trail you’ll come across some rock fall and some scrambling is needed but it isn’t technical and can be done with relative ease.

Once you’ve conquered this section you’ll pop out of the trees and hear the waterfall at full force.

Then you’ll have your first view of the falls, and it’ll be worth the 3 miles to get there.

Honestly, one of the coolest, and most definitely loudest, waterfalls I’ve seen in person and absolutely well worth the visit if you’re in the area.

If you’ve any questions about Tamanawas Falls Hike – Mt Hood, then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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