Oh Sweden, your lakes are so beautiful.

Day 10: Somewhere in the middle of Sweden.

This morning started really early. 6AM kinda early.

I was woken by the sound of work men and their vans, diggers and trucks. I dropped out of bed and headed to the toilet, come back to peep through the window to see men hard at work. Must be nearly 9AM I thought. Wrong, 6:01AM.

Boy does these swedes start their working day early.

I hadn’t slept very well because of the heavy rain on Doris, so this mean a super sleepy and tired morning. Nat was still asleep and I some how managed to get a few more hours on the couch whilst the rain and the work men went about their business.

We don’t really have an agenda for the next few days. Slowly drive north, stop at beautiful lakes, eat and have tea, watch some breaking bad and cover some miles to get to Northern Sweden and some hiking trails.

This morning though was a funny one. Being on the road late kinda threw the day sideways a bit but thankfully we’re not on a schedule.

We needed to stock up on some goodies so Nat had put in the supermarket on the sat nav. As we come off we drove past maybe 5 or 6 BIG supermarkets. Confused, I didn’t think much of it until we pulled in.

Of course we went out of our way to shop at a place called, Willys.

A bloody big Willys it was too.


Bad smells and van life

Van life looks like its for everyone and it’s really not. It’s not luxury, sometimes you sleep in car parks instead of picturesque beaches, some nights you eat super noodles or cereal instead of a beautiful meal in the city. Living in a van has some challenges.

Recently we’ve been experiencing some bad smells. There are a number of suspects that could be blame for such smell and we’re trying to narrow down which one it is by process of elimination. But ultimately, we’re failing.

It could be the batteries over heating, or already dead.

It could be the toilet. As there is not toilet drain here, we carry what we deposit.

It could be the waste water tank. Collecting our sink water from the shower and both sinks.

We’re hoping it’s not the first, or the second and in fact the latter. We’ve checked the batteries and they don’t feel hot, smelly or underpowered. The toilet is emptied more regularly than ever and would need a new cassette to rid a potential bad smell. The waste water seems to have been solved by some drain detergent and a good soak through.

We’ll keep you up dated on the van smell!


Sweden’s 100,000 Lakes

It’s said that Sweden has nearly 100,000 lakes. 100,000! How incredible is that?

It’ll probably be why the Swedes absolutely love the water. If they’re not swimming, they’re sitting around a campfire, if they’re not doing that they’re either fishing or on the water in one of their little boats.

It’s not hard to admit that the lakes here in Sweden are absolutely beautiful. Not only that but that have some of the biggest, and the deepest, in the whole of Europe.

If there is a more iconic Swedish picture than a little red wooden cottage on a mirrored lake with beautiful pine trees in the background, please let me know.

These little wooden cottages and houses are beyond the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen. Their simplicity is enchanting.

Tonights camping location is no exception. Although when we turned off of the main road and were greet by an 11km gravel single track through thick pine woodland, I did start to think the worst. Thankfully Doris is an absolute machine and she plowed through like a snow mobile through thick snow.

We’ve been parked up since around early evening, 4/5PM and we’ve really not done much. Watching some Breaking Bad, took lots of photos, had tea, a little nap and not much more. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to fill my days with stuff to do so that I’ve got somewhat of an entertaining blog, but sometimes it’s nice just to sit back and do nothing.

Plus in a location like this it would be rude not to spend some time watching the birds, feeding the fish and relaxing as the boats bounce and move with the waters current.

I don’t know what I really expected from Sweden, but it certainly wasn’t this. The people are incredibly friendly and helpful. The landscapes of green forest and dense pine that lead to mirrored lakes are too enchanting to write about.

But I strongly recommend that if you’re considering somewhere different for your summer holiday, or want somewhat of an spontaneous adventure. Make it Sweden.

Tonights Camping Location: Langvind, Sweden. (Park4Night: Click Here) 

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15 Replies to “Oh Sweden, your lakes are so beautiful.”

  1. Jacky Thorpe says: Reply

    Really enjoying reading your adventures, your photos are amazing. X

    1. Hey Jacky! Thanks for being here, really appreciate you spending the time to read and join us. Photos are easy when the country is so beautiful! x

  2. Cool stuff Lou. I’m enjoying reading about your adventures xx

    1. Always supported me in anything I do, thank you x

      1. It’s fun ??

  3. I’m loving your blog, glad Doris is behaving herself, nice to see her in pictures occasionally.

    1. Appreciate your support, mate. Nice to have another Hymer enthusiast along for the journey. More pictures of Doris, sounds like something I can manage.

  4. Great read Lou, supported by beautiful pics. Glad the three of you are on this journey .

    1. Appreciate you following and supporting, JP <3

  5. I am following your blog everyday, really enjoying hearing about
    Your travels and dramas ( thankfully none lately) x

    1. I always know you’re here and watching, Jen, and it means the world to me. Yes, thankfully no dramas, aside from a broken finger! x

  6. Holley Hudson says: Reply

    Lou, your blogs are very entertaining to read! I love that you have made a way to enjoy life like most of us can only dream of. Keep cruising! X

    1. That’s very kind of you to say, Holley! Thanks for the kind words. I’ve made no way yet, just took a big move and change and realised that life could end at any second. That scared me enough to do something about it.

    2. Mick & Diane Davies says: Reply

      Making good progress Lou. Seems we’re going to make Nordkapp first. After all the trials & tribulations we have both had in last few weeks it’s looking good for us both getting to the top. Good luck and hope to catch up very soon.

      1. Quality mate, pleased to hear you’re back on the road and heading North again. You’ll definitely beat us. We’ve just crossed into Swedish Lapland and saw a sign for Nordkapp, 1200km away. Let’s see if we can connect on the way down, if not, when you’re back in the UK. Safe travels and fingers crossed all goes well for you from here, mate.

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