Part of the not so plan, plan…

Part of the not so plan, plan…

…still with me?

Firstly, WOW. The support, love and engagement has been overwhelming and firmly cementing that writing and starting Explore Stronger was a good idea.

(Even if the negative people don’t believe in me, funny how those people didn’t believe in The FItness Academy 5 years ago…)

I think that is its new name. The not so plan, plan. So what’s on that agenda and list?

Well there is a country that stole my heart more than Iceland did and it was a trip of a lifetime, but unfortunately we only spent 4 days exploring and hiking. Can you guess what that country is without reading any further?

Norway. There are no words to describe Norway. Well there is one, expensive. The most breathtaking country I’ve visited and the first country on the list to return too.

This hike was and still is one of my favourite across the World. The trip up to Trolltungen, it’s a lovely scenic hike with incredible scenery. If you arrive early enough you can get to the viewpoint without many people around, but come at midday and be prepared to wait up to 5 hours for a photo like this one!

Norway has endless mountains, lakes, fjords, wilderness, stave churches, and never ending beauty and I cannot wait to return.

The first stop will be where ever our ferry takes us from the UK, likely the hook of Holland. From there it’ll be North until Nordkapp. The most Northern tip of Norway.

From there who knows what will happen, how long in Norway? However long we want. What country next? Logistically Finland or Sweden, but from there, the road is our compass.

A few other notes for part of the plan, not so plan is this.

I’d like to learn a language, either Welsh or Spannish.

I’d like to cycle across America, LA -> NYC.

I’d like to visit Hawaii.

I’d like to visit Borneo.

There are other things for the big plan but nothing yet in stone. But you know what writing things down and telling others you’re going to do them is a huge thing. It can help with accountability, support and of course, actually achieving those goals.

So that’s my 2019/2020 to do list.

I’d love to hear whats on your list for the coming months? Travel or fitness related, lemme hear them in the comments, I can’t wait to find out some more about you.

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