Playful baby seals!

Wednesday 16th January, 2019.

Today started a little slow with us having to stock up on food and some other bits including the services of the van. Once all done and shopped we headed on the road to pancake rocks and blow holes…


Pancake rocks were formed from Limestone which were created by layers under the surface of the water thousands of years ago. Then they were pushed to the surface and now the sea slow chips away at them creating caves, tunnels and blow holes.

They’re very unusual and genuinely do look like a stack of pancakes ??

From here we knew today was mostly about driving and getting onto the north coast as quickly as possible. This just meant we could set up our last few days in the South Island better.

A quick pit stop at a famed fur seal colony and we spent some time watching baby seals clamber in and out of the rocks. Could literally sit and watch them for hours but it was time to leave!

I think so far in two weeks of van life we have done around 3500km of driving which is a lot but we don’t have that much time here!

We keep thinking about our trip in Europe in May and how we will have an entire 12 months to chill, slow down and drive less.

Not much to report for today, it was hot, really hot, a helicopter landed next to us in a car park, we ate more Whittaker’s chocolate and that’s about it.

Thanks for all the love and support so far, it’s been really fun writing about our journey and adventures and I apologise to absolutely no one for holiday spam…

…but I do warn you this will be going on to about May 2020, so be warned 😉

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