Our first LOTR sightings… RIVENDELL!

Friday 18th January, 2019.

Yesterday (Thursday) was a bit of a write off as we seemingly drove forever and moved forward our ferry plans a day for tomorrow (Friday). We managed to see the scenic springs that have incredibly clear water and beautiful surroundings. Other than that, we didn’t “do” much.

Fast forward to Friday and we had an early ferry (9AM) from Picton over to Wellington. That’s it our journey in the South Island has come to an end and what an amazing 2 and a half weeks it has been. The mountains, coast line, rainforests and just general beauty of the south will be hard to beat…

…but we are ready for the north. The last few days have been a bit slow and both of us have been excited for what feels like another holiday in the north island.

The ferry was 3 hours long and took us through the Marlborough sounds, basically fiords, and over to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.

From there we headed to the Weta Workshop cave which is where a lot of CGI and film making is done, especially stuff for LOTR/Hobbit. Was cool to see some of the costumes and mini figurines they used to create some of the movies.

Weta to Rivendell the famous home of the Elves. The set where the filmed a lot of scenes from LOTR and some hobbit scenes too. Unfortunately the set has disappeared (obviously) but it’s a cool place to see and be! They even left the gates out of Rivendell…

Tomorrow we head up towards Tongariro National Park but first a nice stop over in Palmerston North. A lovely city albeit very quiet but a quick city walk and back to the van for the night.

North island means Hobbiton, which means excited Lou… can’t wait! ?‍♂️

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