Queen’s/Navajo Loop in Bryce Canyon

By far the most impressive national park in Utah, and potentially the USA, is Bryce Canyon. With wild hoodoos, incredible red rock, and some wild formations unlike anywhere on this planet, Bryce Canyon is simply a must-visit.

Not to mention it’s hundreds of trails, tracks, and miles you can hike and explore in and around the National Park. If you’re visiting Bryce the Queen’s Garden and Navajo Loop is by far the best way to see what it has to offer.

With a hike through and in the canyon itself, and then up and out the other side to be high and above the hoodoos, it’s a must-do if you’re visiting Bryce!

How to get to Queen’s/Navajo Loop Trail

Located inside of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, this is one of the most popular spots in the entire park. Partly due to the view over the hoodoo’s being incredible, but also down to the fact there are so many hikes to do from this point.

You’ll want to get into the national park itself and then head for the Sunrise point, this is where the trail begins.

A little tip, as suggested if you can get there before Sunrise, then you can see it before you head down into the canyon itself.

There is a shuttle bus you can catch at various points in the National Park itself, but this loop will bring you right back to Sunrise Point.

My Experience with Queen’s/Navajo Loop Trail

When I first visited Bryce Canyon in 2019, I was absolutely blown away. The only, and best, way to describe this place is otherworldly. It’s like a miniature Mars, or at least what I assume Mars looks like.

There’s nowhere I’ve been in the nearly 40 countries I’ve visited that looks remotely close to what Bryce does, and for that reason alone it’s an absolute must-see in your life time.

The wild hoodoos and their incredible formations, the mesmerising sunsets and rises, massive archways and holes in towering rocks, and not to mention the brightest milkway I have seen anywhere in the world.

When I returned in 2022 it was the same feeling, and if anything, it was such a relief to be able to be back. This time with my best friend.

Last time it was too hot in the day to do any hiking, but this time I was adament I wanted to get down and into the hoodoos to see them for myself.

This trail starts with the famous ampitheater and swithbacks that take you deep into the canyon below. Rocks towering above you, and as you weave your way down they just get taller, and taller.

Once you’re down into the valley itself the rock formations are wild. If you can think it, there’s a rock formation here that could be said to be like it. They’ve got Thor’s Hammer, Queen Elizabeth, Wild Caves and Tunnels, huge archways and everything in between.

Being down on the valley floor gave an incredible perspective on the hoodoos and the type of terrain you’re in.

You climb out of the canyon and reach sunset point, of which some of the wildest sunsets I’ve ever seen have been from this point. Looking back, high and above, the valley floor you’ve just hiked though.

Follow the rim trail back to sunrise point and you’d have done a few miles in some of the finest nature you’ve ever seen.

If you’re in the USA, head to Utah. If you’re in Utah, head to Bryce.

Thank me later.

If you’ve any questions about Queen’s/Navajo Loop Trail then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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