Toketee Falls Hike, Oregon USA

One of the most impressive waterfalls in the whole of my trip through the USA, you must visit Toketee Falls in Oregon.

Not short of having a decent waterfall or two, Oregon really is a hiking and adventure haven, and if you’re heading to the PNW don’t forget to get your google map filled with Oregonian gems!

The hike to Toketee falls is only short, but it is one of the most unique waterfalls in the world. With it’s distinctive lines, impressive emerald pool and when the water is flowing, it’s flowing!

Pair this with the Umpau Hot springs and make for a good day out in the Oregon wilds.

How to get to Toketee Falls

Located near Clearwater in Oregon, southeast of Eugene, this isn’t really a singing-dancing part of Oregon.

Along the same falls is access to the hot springs so it’s worthwhile doing them both whilst you’re in the area.

The road when you come off of the main road by Clearwater isn’t all that good and requires some slow and careful driving to look after your vehicle.

There is parking at the trailhead, and access to toilets too.

My Experience with Toketee Waterfall

This wasn’t actually pinned on our map when we were visiting this part of Oregon, it was only on the way to the hot springs did we see that there was a waterfall here.

On the way back from the hot springs, we decided to park the van and give this one a go.

Thankfully the trail isn’t more than a mile long, so it’s short and easy for you to just jump out of your car and get going.

But don’t let that put you off as the trail itself is a wonderful little riverside trail that you could easily follow for miles longer without getting bored.

Once you get closed to the falls you’ll hear them before you see them, and then you’ll round the corner and see them for the first time.

With the impressive vertical rock formations, reminiscent of something in Iceland, and the single chute of water flowing heavily into the emerald pool below. The hike takes you to a viewing platform which gives you a great view of the falls, but if you’re fancying to get down to the water, there’s a small trail near the fence.

Just be warned as it can be slippery, and it’s also steep. Probably not wise to do it if the water flow is strong and in full force.

If you’re in Oregon, or near Clearwater, this is definitely a worthwhile visit!

If you’ve any questions about Toketee Waterfall then drop them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help.

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