The Best Hike in Snowdonia

Tuesday 28th May: Tryfan, Snowdonia.

We’ve been home for a week now. Flying back from Berlin last Tuesday. We’ve not really done much but it’s been nice to be home for a short while. However, itchy feet and a lust for more adventure whilst we await Doris’ arrival saw us out the door and back to Snowdonia for a bit more mountain fun.

A small update for those that care. Doris is on her way back from Germany. She’s in safe hands and is due back in the UK sometime next week. We’re then looking to get her fixed ASAP and get back into Europe. IF this doesn’t happen we’ve got a few back up plans incase, but rest assured we won’t be here in the next couple of weeks.

A typical bank holiday weekend saw rain and wind. As always here in the UK. But it was decided the best weather spell was to be today and tomorrow. We’d not really decided what we would do but it definitely involved a mountain and it was likely to involve a tent.

Been fond lovers of wild camping we thought we might get back out on the hills with nothing but our rucksacks and find a spot to camp. However, having camping and stayed in some luxury during our time with Doris we decided against it.

Not because of the back pack or the wild camping, but more so we wouldn’t be bound to the same set out mountains and only our feet for transport. Instead we’d camp somewhere in Snowdonia and use it as a base camp to come and go when we pleased.

That base camp was set and we’re snuggle underneath Moel Siabod. Which by the way is a fantastic walk. It’s nestled between Betws-y-coed and Capel Curig. An ideal base for any of the Welsh 3000’s when we finally decide which one it is we’ll get up over the coming days.

Our wild camping setup is minimal but now with a base camp established we needed something bigger. Enter Mandy’s palace of a tent and something far too big for just the two of us. That said though it’s nice to actually be able to stand up whilst camping!

The campsite is really nice. Lots of space and is very well looked after. With facilities included a shower, it’s not a bad way to spend £6 for the evening.

Putting up our usual tent takes us around 4 minutes. Genuinely. It’s a fast pitch, small two man tent but perfect for wild camping. Entire the Taj Mahal and it’s enormous 8 pole system. Putting it up in the wind was even more challenging but we managed it and it’s done and dusted. I think you’d get maybe 4 of our tents inside this one, it’s ridiculous but a great tent if you’re camping for a week or so.

It was getting on, 5PM, so we decided that Tryfan would be our best bet as it’s one of the quickest hikes we’ve done. And a bloody awesome one at that too. I love Tryfan. It’s dorsal fin shape, with jutted rocks forming its structure is incredible whichever way you look at it.

We set off around 5:30PM and quickly realised that Trfyan is a beast and never to be underestimated. More of a scramble than a hike. Having to use our hands, climb a little and peer over and edge one too many times. It really does make for an awesome hike to the summit.

Half way up is the famous canon stone. It looks more like a male mountain to me, but apparently people think it looks like a canon instead. It was windy up there as you can tell by the way Nat is approaching the end!

Trfyan is a funny mountain because from the road it doesn’t look all that bad, but trust me it’s a beast. They say it’s the mountain with deceiving summits because just when you think you’re up onto the top, another giant rock formation greets you.

Thankfully we’re both well versed at climbing and not that scared of heights.

The summit looks like something out of space, with it’s eerie flat top with rocks of all shapes and sizes perched oddly. There are two stones that stand 6ft tall on the rocks and they’re supposed called Adam and Eve. It’s said that you’ve not really summited Tryfan unless you’ve jumped across them. Bearing in mind there is a 3000ft drop on one side.

We sat and ate some Harribos at the top in our usual mountain fashion and then slowly made our way down towards the stunning lakes below. This has to be one of the prettiest valleys I’ve ever stood in and would highly recommend coming into the Ogwen Valley if you’re visiting snowdonia.

Back to Basecamp and we’re currently sharing a spoon whilst we eat our pasta and sauce. We’ve forgotten cutlery, which was always going to happen. But we managed to have a spoon hidden in Nats car. That car has endless goodies.

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