The Forgotten Path to Snowdon

Day 24: Back home in North Wales.

Yesterday was the first time in 23 days that I didn’t write a blog post. Weird that it’s not been that long, but also feels like a long time. Does that make sense?

Yesterday was used as a reset day, a day for a clean head, new plans and a time to reflect. We flew home, which was easy then picked my nephew up from school. Walked the doggos and I spent quite a few hours playing Fortnite. Which if you didn’t know, I’m a huge gamer, so 3, nearly 4, weeks away is a huge time for me.

I woke up to great news. Not only had we managed to sleep extraordinarily well considering our duvet and pillows are still in Doris, but we woke to an email about her too. The lady who’d treated my like an outlaw had emailed to say that Doris had left her yard and been collected. What a surprise eh? Must be magic, seems as I wasn’t insured!

With good news, good weather and a clean head it was time to head into the mountains.

We’re fortunate enough to live only an hour away from one of the best national parks in the world. Snowdonia. IT’s a gem of a place with so many walks, scrambles and climbs possible. And well, it’s just beautiful. But I’m biased as it’s Welsh, of course.

We’ve a good habit of landing and then heading straight into the mountains for a day of fresh air and new thoughts. Today was no exception.

The Forgotten Path to Snowdon

If you’re familiar with Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales. Then you’ll likely of heard of the Llanberis track, the pyg track, the miners and the scary ridge of Crib Goch. I’d be surprised if you’d heard of the Watkins path, and I’d be mega impressed if you’d heard of the Yr Lliwedd Ridgeline.

It’s a Ridgeline that stands on the opposite side of the lakes when you’re walking up to Snowdon via the Pyg or Miners tracks and stands impressively tall over Llyn Llydaw. From a distance their sheer size and dominace has always drawn me in. Always wondered what it would be like to stand on their near 800m ledges and peer down. I can now confidently tell you.

It was awesome.

The route starts from the same car park as you would use for the pyg/miners path. From Pen Y Pass you’ll take the miners route until you come to the first lake, llyn llydaw. The miners path veers off right and the start of this route will take you left.

Before we go any further, this isn’t a walk. More of a scramble and a mixture of that and exposed ridge lines. Unless you’re confident with climbing (using your hands) and being exposed to heights, then this probably isn’t the walk for you.

The route is fairly well trodden, but sometimes you’ll be required to scramble so the route is less obvious. Taking our time we made it up the the ridge and wow, the views were incredible. I’d feared that looking away from this impressive lump of rock wouldn’t be as impressive as looking at it, but I was wrong.

The sheer drops into the lake below, the vast green rolling mountains to the south, the towering and tall Snowdon peering down, it was impressive regardless of which direction you looked in.

Feeling hungry we stopped for a bite to eat. Pork Pie for me, Tikka Slice for Nat and a bag of haribos between us. There is something quite special about being 700m high in the mountains, with no other human in sight. It’s a special place.

The wind had picked up and along came some thick cloud from the distance. Worrying we’d get caught out we hurried out pace and headed down the ridge. The path actually joins the Watkin path that goes up to snowdon but had only planned the loop of the ridge and to re join the miners path. It’s actually part of the famous Snowdon horseshoe walk and I’m excited to do that as one now.

Down the ridge we went, scrambling, kicking spiders, stubbing toes and generally both ready for a good nap. Spat us out at the bottom of the second lake, and to rejoin the miners path all the way back to Pen Y Pass.

I’ve done a lot of hiking in Snowdonia, various peaks and even spent a few nights wild camping on awesome summits. But this walk has to be up there with one of my favourites. If ever I get the urge to do Snowdon on a busy day, I can still do it and escape the crowds with this route.

The views for the entire walk are seriously impressive. The sheer drop from the Ridgeline is jaw dropping and enough for a squeaky bum at times. But that’s what makes it awesome, feels more like an adventure that way.

Today has been a good day. Doris has been collected and is making her way back from Germany. We ate Aero Mint McFlurrys and we hiked and awesome hike. 10/10 would do this day again.

Tonights sleeping location: Mandy’s House, rent free.

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  1. Great news .doris coming home ?

    1. Can’t wait for her to be back where she belongs! x

  2. Yayyy fab news Doris is on her way back to you! Great so see you back exploring wales ?

    1. Yeah she’ll soon be back with us! Then fixed and ready to rock and roll. You done much of Snowdonia?

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