The Incredible Jurassic Coast

June 4th: Somewhere along the Jurassic Coast, England.

Last nights AirBnB was quite literally a bed in a shoe box room. It was lovely and the host was wonderfully kind and thoughtful but the bed was not up to much. So much so it was probably one of my worst nights sleep to date.

However, all that was forgotten when I woke this morning, peeled back the curtains and could see the cute little chickens playing in the garden. I love chickens, but not enough to stop eating them.

Todays agenda and plan was to head further south and towards the famous Jurassic Coast.

The Jurassic Coast

Covering 95 miles from East Devon to Dorset this coastline is one of the most spectacular I’ve ever seen. Even more wild and wonderful than the Caitlins Coast in the South of New Zealand.

With rocks and formations dating back to over 195 million years ago, this place is a goldmine for fossils and history.

The coastline is lined with jaw dropping white cliffs that hang gregeriously into the crystal clear sea water below. I’ve got a head for heights but some of the drops we were faced with today were a little too much for me with the little wind we had.

The Jurassic Coast was named a UNESCO world heritage site in 2001 the safekeeping and protection of this place for years to come is safe. One thing it’s not safe from is the natural corrosion that occurs because of the sea and the way the rocks of made. They shaped and formed the coves, rocks and caves that we see today and will continue to carve their way inland for millennia to come.

Durdle Door

Probably one of the most famous landscapes in England, if not the UK. This impressive archway sits impressively in the crystal sea water surrounding. With steep white cliffs and beautiful rich sand you can see why this place attracts people from all around the globe.

With places like this its always hit and miss whether they’ll be underwhelming to what you’ve seen and read. Thankfully though, Durdle Door does not disappoint. Majestically sitting there waiting for it’s time to be up, it’s a stark reminder at how fragile even the most sturdy of things can be.

Man O War cove sits just before Durdle Door and the water here is absolutely incredible. You wouldn’t believe this place was in the UK if we’d have captured it on a beautiful sunny day.

Its crazy to think thousands of years of storms, sea water and tides moving in and out have created this absolutely beautiful landscapes. That also means in however many years it takes, they’ll be gone forever.


Lulworth Cove

Lets not underestimate the hills around here. Even thought the max elevation around this parts is just over 300m, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any hills.

From Durdle Door to Lulworth cove you can either drive or walk, I’d suggest walking, because it’s beautiful. Even in the rain. But don’t underestimate the walk as it’s not until you start heading back towards where you parked do you realise how steep the path you took is!

A beautiful cove, again created over thousands of years of corrosion. This time sits some beautiful little houses with their magically thatched rooves, a tiny little dolls house that now sells ice cream and a wonderfully informative information centre.

Most of the routes around the cove itself are now blocked off due to fragile cliffs and ridges but it’s still and incredible place to come and see.

It used to be a very active fishing village but now just two fishing boats are left. They speciality being lobsters and mussels.

Old Harrys Rocks

A 20/30 minute drive further south and towards the start/end of the Jurassic Coast sits Old Harrys Rocks. Incredible white rock formations just off of the white washed cliffs.

Apparently named after a pirate called Harry who raided and took plunder from the Spanish and French. The plunder? Olives and wine, what a lad!

These cliffs are scary. In fact, some of the scariest I’ve ever stood on. Having been 650m high in Norway with nothing but rock and a fjord below me, looking down these cliffs made my bum twinge a little bit.

They’re just so fragile and it doesn’t ooze confidence when you’re stood on top of them peering over the edge.

Probably one of the best coastlines I’ve ever been too this place is a real gem and must be seen in person to appreciate the sheer size of these cliffs and formations.

Just as we decided to leave the cliffs and head back to the car the sun finally came back out. Nice to get a bit of sunshine, even more so here in England.



We got a call from my Mum and said that Doris had just pulled up outside our house. Weird as the insurance said she’d be here on the 6th, which is not today. Not like them to poorly communicate with us, is it?!

Either way, we’re chuffed she’s back and this hopefully means not much longer living out of a Mini and cheap AirBnBs!

We’ve headed back towards Bristol tonight and plan to explore more of The Cotswolds over the coming days.

Tonights overnight location: Weston Super Mare (Click here for AirBnB)

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  1. Glad to here doris is home .And your both seeing some amazing places ??

    1. Thanks Debs! Have you both been down this part of the world? I didn’t realise how incredible it was and we’ll definitely be back when Doris is alive again! x

  2. No we’ve not been down there
    I did like the pictures of the little villages you both visited .we drove past doris today .nice to see her back safe

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