The Instagram Famous Bridge, Devils Bridge.

Day 16: Pirna, Germany to Weisswasser, Germany.

A mirrored morning to yesterday with the sun beaming through our windscreen waking us up. If you’re unfamiliar with our Doris’ layout, she has a pull down bed. We drop the front seats and pull the bed down, it’s the feature that made us choose a Hymer in the first place. It means we don’t have to make a bed up, sacrifice a table or anything. Unclip, pull down and we’re ready for bed.

We rose a little later than yesterday and thankfully no ticking from the fridge this morning. A couple of coffees and I spent the morning writing the Hiking guide for Saxon Switzerland. A couple of coffees, a shower and we were on the road and heading for Dresden.

Dresden is a beautiful city, like most of the ones we’ve seen. However we’d only come here to do this washing. With incoming rain, a big drop in temperature and feeling uneasy in the car park we’d stopped in. We decided breakfast was to be made and we’d be out of there.

Todays big agenda was the Devils Bridge/ Rakotzbrucke. A hour and a 1/2 drive would see us get there and in typical German fashion, we experienced every weather. Rain, hail, blinding sunshine and the bitter cold.

We’d choose to stop in the little town of Weisswasser as it meant we could do some washing (that time of the week!) and be a short drive away from the bridge. When we arrived at the car park we’d realised it was in fact, a Zoo. Thankfully we haven’t managed to do our weeks washing yet, so it might be enough of a smell to keep the bears away from Doris. No kidding, there is a bear probably less than 150m from where we’re sleeping.

The Zoo car park was conveniently a 15 minute cycle to the Devils Bridge. The weather had cleared a little and we took the chance to get some fresh air and see the bridge. I mean why wouldn’t you want to visit this absolutely incredible bridge?

Photo curtsey of Shutterstock.
Photo: Shutterstock.

Yeah, that’s the exact image we had in mind. Beautiful reflections of the delicately built bridge that when reflected makes a complete circle. Beautiful green trees, with mirror like water flowing under the bridge itself. An excitement, anticipation when we cycled closer and wondered if it would be around the next corner.

Can you imagine how it felt when the first view of the bridge was this?

We’ve no idea why the bridge is drained of its water and why it’s under construction. The bridge itself looks in good condition and isn’t damaged (from what I can see). My only assumption is that they’ve done it to deter people from climbing across it.

The bridge is forbidden for foot passengers and can only be viewed from the surrounding lake. However, idiots being idiots, it’s been climbed on everyday. Why? Probably because of Instagram and the bridges rise to fame for it’s incredibly beauty.

I get it. I really do. But do we risk ruining things like this for future generations for purely selfish gain? I do hope that the bridge is under genuine construction, maybe to deal with the rise in tourists flocking here, but park of me just sees it was a way to deter people from coming here.

Either way, the bridge is beautiful. I cannot imagine what this place looks like in autumn with golden falling leaves, beautiful fading light and a mirror like reflection in the calm, still water.

For now, and until they remove the barriers and refill the lake, this place isn’t worth visiting. From what I can see it’s far away from most places and will not be worth the time to detour and visit. My advice would be to avoid this place until the above happens, and then come here during sunrise or sunset. I bet it’d be magical.

Back to Doris after a quick stop in the supermarket. Chilli con carne for tea, a Nat special. She does so well to cook such good meals in such a small space. I’m very thankful that we agreed on the roles in Doris. Doris provides us with comfort and transport. I drive and get us from A to B. Nat makes sure we don’t starve to death whilst on a budget that should make us starve to death.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Berlin for the last couple of days in Germany.

Tonights camping location: Weisswasser Zoo Car Park (CamperContact: 27553)

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  1. Magic photo of the bridge lou. Better than washing your smalls ?

    1. Just wish it had water under the bridge and the construction fences had gone! Hope you enjoyed your virgin mojitos!

  2. Yes very nice . then later on i had Caramelized toffee ice cream it was the best ice eaten in a long time .well yummy. Looking forward too tonight’s blog .it was nice to be able to get in touch with you and Nat in McDonald’s. ?

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