The Waterways of Lubben

Day 17: Weisswasser, Germany to Lubben, Germany.

Fortunately, as I’m writing this, we didn’t get eaten by that bear. Although there were, what sounded like, gun shots for about an hour or so last night. I’d again expertly figured out how we could position ourselves in the van should the gunshots find their way to Doris. Fortunately that never came into fruition either.

A wet morning meant plans to Berlin were put on the back burners. Can you believe it’s going to be 25 degrees this weekend? Today and tomorrow are due some rain but the forecast for the weekend looks good so we’re going to hang out for that. Fingers and toes crossed!

We had the laziest day we’ve had so far today. This morning we watched 72 deadly animals on the iPad. Did you know about the tick causing spotted fever in South America? It was American so very over dramatised and painted every animal, regardless if deadly or not, in a bad light.

A few coffees later, a guide written to Hiking in the Saxon Switzerland National Park, and we were on our way.

Those smelly clothes that somehow deterred the bear from eating our faces off last night still, well they still stink. Finding a waschsalon seemed to difficult though. Either google maps was having us off, or the waschsalon had definitely moved buildings. Then onto a dry cleaners that wanted a heavy amount of euro to wash some holey Calvin Kleins!

We retired to McDonalds for some free Wifi and our first meal out whilst on tour. We love a McDonalds wrap and have them probably 2/3x per week when home. Todays menu was a curry wrap. Slightly different shall we say.

The iPad topped up with films, shows and episodes of Friends, we were ready to hit the road and get this toilet emptied.

There is nothing more bonding in a relationship than emptying a toilet filled with your collective waste over a small hole in the ground. Then conversations about said waste for the next 30 minutes. I guess if we didn’t laugh, we’d go insane! Toilet emptied and drinking water filled we were on our way for the evening.

We’ve headed for the town of Lubben, somewhere just south of Berlin. Mainly because it had a nice place to stay, for free, but also because it looked like a lovely town. With Doris parked up and the accustomed waves to the other motorhomers parked near us. We headed off into town.

Lubben, you are beautiful. Two big churches and an incredible waterway, with bridges, boats, lakes and walkways a plenty. After a quick stock up on meat, snacks and cordial we headed back through to the park to find a whole array of activities.

A waterpark-ish thing. Mainly for kids. But obviously we got involved too. Channeling water to different waterways, mini diggers, the lot. It was awesome. The best bit? Two floating rafts in a small lake. ONE FOR EACH OF US!

That with trampolines in the floor, a maze, stationary bikes, a climbing rig, a huge children’s play area and a couple of man made beaches. What could make this better? Well…

We’re heading back to Doris, all played out and stocked up on supplies. Nat says OMG, whattt, oh never mind it’s not real. I thought that beaver was real for a second.



Queue us frantically turning around to see this huge beaver no further than 6ft away from us. He moved slowly, waddled to the next available river bank and slid in. He was huge! I love wildlife, so moments like this are what make good days, awesome days.

There are lots of cycling opportunities to be had here. So tomorrow we’re going to get on the bikes, finally do some washing, give Doris some TLC and then head into Berlin for the evening.

Tonights camping location: Lubben, Germany. (CamperContact:463) 

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