The lonely tree… whose brother is in Llanberis!

We left from Kawaru historic bridge site where we camped the night for Wanaka, not too far away about an hour.

Wanaka is famed for its beautiful lake, amazing hikes and well, its lonely tree. And it did not disappoint. A lovely lakeside breakfast with a backdrop of snow peaked mountains wasn’t a bad way to start the day.

A little trail takes you to the lonely tree which we followed a little further to see more of the lake.

Back to the van for some lunch and a sleep which ended up a near on 2 hour nap ?

When we had woken from our pit the rain had decided to join us so we scrapped evening plans of hiking to Diamond Lake and went to find a campsite instead.

Campsite found and paid for then we headed back into Wanaka for a walk around the town and to stock up on some hiking supplies for tomorrow.

Wanaka is a lovely little town. Nice shops, tidy and a friendly people. The New World supermarket was the busiest I’ve ever seen in my life, I thought the Christmas rush was busy, this was something else!

The sun decided to show his face again so we cracked out the BBQ and opened some cidres and relaxed outside the van with our lakeside view.

Tomorrow we plan to hike Roy’s peak. A 1550m mountain with an incredible view from the top. Early start and hopefully not put off by the rain, it’s on!

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