A full day of adventure… and sun!

The same as every morning I woke up and started opening the little roof vent above our bed. To our surprise it was the bluest sky we have seen so far. Winner!

Straight on the road and we headed for Queenstown from Lumsden. We made this drive a few days ago about it was cloudy and wet. Today, a different story. Beautiful blue lakes, soaring mountains and incredible trees.

Today’s agenda was to rebook our jet boat ride, find some native Kiwi birds and ride the gondola to the top of the mountain. Oh and ice cream. Always got time for ice cream ?

First up was our jet boat ride. I’ll start by saying it was made better knowing Jason Mamoa had a ride on the same boats as we had…

…the jet boat was incredible. A adrenaline rush through the canyon as we spun, dodged and dived through shallow water and huge rocks. Hat tip to our incredible driver, Matthew, who had impressive control over the boat.

Next up was the Kiwi bird park. The Kiwi is a native bird to New Zealand and unfortunately is not doing too well in the wild. This little bird is so different from all other bird species it’s actually closer to a mammal than a bird. Short round body, big feet and long beak with nostrils at the end. If you’ve not seen one, google then they’re super cute!

After a Kiwi feeding, some kea watching and a conservation talk we left the bird park and headed to the gondola.

The gondola takes you up to the top of Queenstown which has an incredible lookout point. From the top you can see the incredible remarkables mountain range, the whole of queenstown and the beautiful lake wakatipu.

We had booked a few rides on the luge at the top too but didn’t think much of it, how wrong we were? A small chair lift up higher than the gondola took us and we were basically let loose on a bin lid with brakes…


That’s our first week done and dusted in the van and I am so glad we decided to hire one. Completely changes your experience of a country when you can come and go as you please!

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